Piezo into PA


Aug 20, 2019
Hi all,

have an HBII piezo-- have yet to use it live for acoustic over the few years ive had it.

I dont have an acoustic amp, but have a good mixer and PA.

1) When using the piezo output jack, does this go to a line level or inst level input on a mixer?

2) Any recommendations on mixer settings/EQ in general for the piezo output?
Radial makes a piezo specific DI box you could consider. It will offer ground lift options and isolation before your mixer. Good question about the LR Baggs preamp out onboard the HB2. You could call LR Baggs and ask them, they’re always helpful. I would guess instrument level since you’d plug your piezo out cable into an acoustic instrument input on an amplifier. Plus it’s powered by an onboard 9V battery, like any acoustic guitar preamp would be.
+1 on a good direct box , Radial makes excellent gear. I uses a DSM Humbolt Simplifier for bass DI , their guitar models are also excellent

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Fishman Aura DI would be my suggestion...
But if you go direct to a mixer, use the instrument level.
I have two units I run my piezo through. I use either a Fishman Aura or Fly Rig Acoustic. They offer different features. I like the sound of the Aura the best. I like the effects and boost in the Fly Rig. What I really need to do is run a few of my mini pedals in the effects loop on the Aura. That would be the best option. A chorus pedal and a boost would be about all I would need.