The best color for a PRS in your opinion?

PRS does things with color that are hard to explain. I’m not sure who owns this one, but it belongs in my music room…

PRS has pretty much taken guitar colors to a new level, especially in the last few years. Some of the stuff that comes out of the factory these days is just mind blowing. However, for me, I prefer the classic sunbursts, either McCarty, Cherry, or my favourite, Vintage Sunburst:

PRS does things with color that are hard to explain. I’m not sure who owns this one, but it belongs in my music room…
Howy McJebus, that's another amazing bit of work there. And I suppose the guy who stained it, in 20 minutes on a Tuesday morning, did another 13 guitars that day and went home thinking another day, another donut. The guy who has the eye to find those patterns in planks of lumber and see the cuts before they're made gets a load of credit too. Wonder if he got a bonus for that one, - or the one WAPaul is probably not going to give me.

Sometimes I don't know whether to think PRS's coloration escapades are a travesty and an affront to nature, or whether they're another, more intense (and at least slightly psychedelic) way to enhance its gifts. That green-n-yellow explosion could be detail of the iris of a lizard's eye, or a plasma burst in a galaxy far far away, or flux lines contending in a magnetic anomaly. But no...just a distressed tree.

Funny how those patterns are nearly universal throughout nature.

We need the STEM series from PRS: Mandelbrot patterns, an accretion disk and black hole, quasar jets, illustrations in wood of the gauss lines over a pickup, the whorls and eddies of the universe dancing in the language of physics.
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Purple mist or Frostbite glow is my first instinct. But I think the answer really is Raven’s heart (the limited colour for the Graveyard II ). I have never seen such a deep or intense colour
I really like the Dark Cherry Sunburst. I have a CU22 in that finish. It is very appealing to my eyes. After that I would say the McCarty burst on my SAS. It just looks fantastic on that guitar. In all honesty though, I have several others that I really like as well. One of them being an experience guitar I have in Livingston Lemondrop. Another being a DGT in Abalone. Part of it for me is the figuring in the top and how the finish brings that out.
Red guitars sound best ... Green second best :)

seriously .... I don't think there's a bad colour in the PRS offerings.
Pick your blue.. Blue guitars sound better
There's no doubt that (Faded) Whale Blue is an absolute classic PRS color. But ~35 years down the road (today), I'm kind of thinking that Blue Matteo and/or River Blue have taken PRS's blue-game to the next level.

But I'd also have to argue that the following colors are just "right":
Vintage Yellow on a Custom 24
McCarty Sunburst on a McCarty or DGT
Black-Gold Wrap Burst on a Paul's Guitar