The best color for a PRS in your opinion?

There's no doubt that (Faded) Whale Blue is an absolute classic PRS color. But ~35 years down the road (today), I'm kind of thinking that Blue Matteo and/or River Blue have taken PRS's blue-game to the next level.

But I'd also have to argue that the following colors are just "right":
Vintage Yellow on a Custom 24
McCarty Sunburst on a McCarty or DGT
Black-Gold Wrap Burst on a Paul's Guitar

I don't disagree. When I was first into PRS whale blue was my color, but as I learned more and more about PRS I found lots of sellers incorrectly called about any blue whale blue. Today I still like whale blue but am partial to the more faded the better and favor many other blues over whale.

I can support an argument for black gold wrap burst, killer!
Some days I prefer the tropics


The classics:

Yellows- Vintage, Santana, Faded Vintage, Honey

Reds- Scarlett, Black Cherry, Blood Orange

Bursts- Vintage, McCarty, Triburst, Tobacco

Those immediately caych my eye. I used to really dig Royal Blue and Whale Blue, but after owning those colors I'll skip them in the future. I can't see the wood good enough.
Well ya kinda strikes me that posting the highly figured tops is kinda cheating - or at least it's not answering the question. Like frinstance, the bubbling mudpot sulfur-burst of Tonart's first pic would knock ya dead at five paces in ANY color, and if you saw any of those shades of gray as a solid might be meh, or it might be nice, but it wouldn't be OMG. (Also, while it doesn't take a thing away from the splendor of that piece, it wouldn't be far off the mark to say it looks a bit like a chunk-o-pearloid from a 60s kitchen table. Or Ludwig drum kit. Hey, not that I have anything against that stuff!)

Likewise yon yellow-green dragon's eye further upthread. It's not the color of those guitars - or certainly not the color alone - it's the magical planks-o-wood, enhanced by the PRS colorists' voodoo.

So it's hard to answer "best PRS color," because (at least I find) the figure of the wood on a particular guitar plays such a role in the judgment. A color that looks fabulous on one particular top might be soso or yuck on a different top.

That said, if pinned down and forced to generalize, I'm probably not far from Gary's point of view:
Faded whale blue followed closely by Red fire burst

Those are the colors I gravitate toward...any reds or blues, really, but the FRB especially and Whale Blue, when it truly looks whaley. Same colors I lusted for in unattainable Corvettes of the 60s when I was a mere lad. Might be a function of the second adolescence I'm going through as an old guy.

But for all that, because I've chased particular versions of particular SEs, I've bought the colors I could find them in - and I have ended up with more Vintage Sunburst and Tobacker Sunburst than I would have gone shopping for. Of course they're safe, traditional, and woody colors that automatically look "right" on a guitar, and I'm OK with them. If I had to choose among those two, I prefer VSB. It's hard to avoid conventional-bursts if you chase guitars at all.