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The best color for a PRS in your opinion?

How about this? Not my guitar and no idea what colour it is but it looks incredible!

I think a colour is only as good as the top. Stained tops of mediocre quality - especially if enhanced with a black stain before colour - even with a beautiful colour stain - will never really work for me. I realised that after I met my newest addition. A 10 top CU22 in red. Beautiful, although I thought I did not like red.

So, given a beautiful top. My choice would be a more timeless colour, for example a mccarty burst (that I own). Dramatic stains can be gorgeous, but I guess will bore me with the passing of time.
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Hate to break it to everyone, but it’s not even an argument…
The TWO best finishes PRS offers are as follows:




Sadly, these colors are unavailable for us mere mortals.
Fingers have been crossed years, that they will somehow bring back these finishes on the Core models. My fingers are now permanently fused together…