Splitting / tapping pickups 2008 semi hollow which has no coil split

I like the 59 too. It's my favorite set for magnet swaps.

Nice wide range of sounds from A2, A3, A4 and A5, and all sound good!

I always use roughcast magnets, not polished.

Alnico 4 sounds good in the 59 and some experts say alnico 4 is really what was in 1959 pafs.

Putting A4 in a 59B bridge pickup and then using it as a neck pickup gets close to the sound of a Dragon1 neck pickup.

The only ceramic magnet pickup I like so far is the Dragon1 bridge pickup.

Otherwise, ceramic just doesn't get the 50's and 60's humbucker sounds I like.

Santana has gotten some great tones from ceramic magnet pickups tho.
Thanks for the advice on the 59 - which I'm sure will come in useful. I think Santana could get amazing sounds out of a garden spade hooked up with strings... :)
I'll be putting a jazz in the neck (JB in bridge). Interesting you like the Jazz. There's a volume pot taper - off to google... This is the first wiring job I'll ever do so I'm on a very steep learning curve :) (and loving it).
JB/Jazz has been a very popular choice for many years.. you did good. It's my default SD set. Good to see you're taking the initiative and using Google..Definitely your friend and an invaluable resource. Good luck, happy research, and drop a line if you have questions.