coil splitting

  1. Squiggy

    Mini Toggle for coil splitting

    I've got two mini toggles for independently coil splitting the pickups. They're currently 9-pin. Can I achieve the same "partial" coil split that PRS does with a 6-pin on-on toggle? The reason I'm wondering is because the shaft on the 9-pin is only 6mm and I'd like to get an 8mm shaft . It...
  2. shimmilou

    SE Cu24 Mods, mini toggles

    Tried a set of SD Alnico II pickups, and didn’t care for the sound compared to the stock 85/15 S. Putting the stock 85/15 S pickups back in, but wanted to add covers, both for looks and for the subtle sound difference the covers add, slightly less edgy, just a bit smoother sound. While changing...
  3. V

    Splitting / tapping pickups 2008 semi hollow which has no coil split

    I have an SE Custom semihollow which I bought in 2008. It pre dates when PRS added the coil split to this model. It has zebra humbuckers, 3 positions, no coil split or tap. I'm trying to research whether it is possible to reverse engineer a coil split or tap, and which one would be better. Any...
  4. Y

    Switching options on PRS SE Custom 22

    Hi, I have a 2018 PRS SE Custom 22, and was wondering which coils are active in the 85/15 S pickups when using the push/pull. I've tapped a screwdriver on the pole pieces and it seems both the screw and slug coils are still active in each pickup when split? What's going on?
  5. P

    SE Custom 24 to Custom 24-08 conversion

    Hello Everyone, This is my first post and I thought I would share my upgrades to my SE Custom 24 with you in case anyone else would like to make these modifications. Recently I was planning to buy a SE Custom 24-08, however I was very lucky and won a SE Custom 24. I love the look and...
  6. G

    Installing new pickups on a cu 24 and wiring implications

    Hi everyone, I’ve got a cu 24 2012 and love it, but I’m looking for lower output pickups and have considered installing a set of Thornbuckers. I’ve been wondering whether there would be any wiring consequences that would affect coil splitting options, for instance, will the guitar still have...