SE Custom 24 to Custom 24-08 conversion


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Apr 30, 2022
Winchester, UK
Hello Everyone,

This is my first post and I thought I would share my upgrades to my SE Custom 24 with you in case anyone else would like to make these modifications.

Recently I was planning to buy a SE Custom 24-08, however I was very lucky and won a SE Custom 24. I love the look and playability of the SE Custom 24, its a great guitar but I wasn't overly enthusiastic about the tone so I decided to change the pickups.

At the same time, I also decided to upgrade the switches, pots, capacitors and wiring etc so I started designing how I was going to wire it all up. To give me the 8 different options of pickups as per a 24-08, I decided to add two coil splitting pots. The Tone pot to split the Bridge pickup and the volume to split the Neck.

To balance the volume between Humbucker and single coil I added resistors on the slit to ground. 7k5 for the Neck and 12k for the Bridge.

For the pickups i chose Seymour Duncan APH-1. I have a Les Paul with SD APH-2 (Slash Signature) pickups and I love the sound of them and wanted to use them in the PRS but as they only have two wires they can't (easily) be coil split, hence going with the APH-1s that have 4 wires plus ground.

The result is amazing, in full humbucker mode they are very close to my Les Paul but also sound great when split. As I can independently split the Neck and Bridge I have a huge array of different tones to play with. My PRS is fast becoming my favourite guitar.

This is the wiring diagram I created, please note that the pickup wire colours are based on Seymour Duncan humbuckers so you will need to translate the colours if you use the original PRS pickups. Also note, I used copper tape to shield the electronics cavity so the tone pot is grounded via the copper tape however, a wire can be added to connect to tone pot ground to the volume pot ground.


Hope this is helpful to someone,