coil tap

  1. V

    Splitting / tapping pickups 2008 semi hollow which has no coil split

    I have an SE Custom semihollow which I bought in 2008. It pre dates when PRS added the coil split to this model. It has zebra humbuckers, 3 positions, no coil split or tap. I'm trying to research whether it is possible to reverse engineer a coil split or tap, and which one would be better. Any...
  2. C

    58/15 lt + What values of resistors are used in the pickups?

    Hi guys. I love the 58/15 LT pickups and recently purchased a set of 58/15 LT+ pickups. 58/15 LT + pickups are known to have a DC resistance value that is more than 1k higher than regular 58/15 LT pickups, and their output is also greater than that of regular 58/15 LT pickups. The PRS...
  3. Karl46

    Anyone having issues with the tone control on the DGT SE?

    Received my SE DGT about a week ago. Preordered it from Kraft Music and they were great. I love the guitars looks, the tone and action. Today I noticed that my tone control is no longer working with the bridge pickup and it has become staticie. Took the back plate off and there are no obvious...
  4. F

    I want to do something crazy to a CE (concentric dual pot with coil tap)

    I'm looking to do something odd to a CE 24. TLDR I'm looking for a stacked pot that will allow me to control volume and tone with a stacked knob, but still allow me to tap the coils with a push or pull. Long version. I've played Gibson style guitars most of my life, because of this I've...
  5. Skeeter

    Coil Tap using Push/Pull with a 5-way

    Hi, I was wondering about possible electronic mods to a Custom 24 with a 5-way blade (latest version). If I were to install a push/pull tone pot to split the neck pickup - would I need further upgrades, like a 5-way “mega” blade? If needed, would it be easier (and possible) to change...
  6. Hungerbeast

    2-Wire to 4-Wire Conversion

    Has anyone here ever converted a 2-conductor pickup into a 4 conductor pick up? I ask because I have a Tremonti SE that I’ve upgraded with USA Pickups. I added a push/pull pot the bridge Humbucker and it’s awesome, I love having the versatility of coil splitting. I want to do it to the neck as...
  7. matonanjin

    Coil tapping toggle switches on my Paul's do nothing

    I should have pursued this long before now. But I haven't had the need for them and I just keep forgetting about it. But testing out a couple guitars at CME last night and hearing the huge difference the coil tapping (should) makes reminded me that I need to get this resolved. As the title...
  8. T

    Mira pickup wiring

    i have a 2007 Mira, purchased used with a Dimarzio 4 conductor pickup in the bridge. Don’t like it. Recently found a 2008 bridge pickup to replace it but it, like the original installed neck pickup is s 3 conductor. Can’t find a wiring diagram with a coil split toggle to get it done right. All...
  9. GavQuinn

    Coil Tap - Question for Geeks

    The other day, I was fiddling around with the neck pickup height and pole height on my core model Starla, trying to get the neck to sound brighter, etc. I noticed with the coil tap engaged that the screw coil is the one that remains active. I noted with the screwdriver tip touching the pole...
  10. Craig Jordan

    Difference between coil split and coil tap

    Hello, Can anyone offer an accurate description of the differences between a pickup with a coil split versus a coil tap?