I want to do something crazy to a CE (concentric dual pot with coil tap)


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Feb 16, 2021
I'm looking to do something odd to a CE 24.
TLDR I'm looking for a stacked pot that will allow me to control volume and tone with a stacked knob, but still allow me to tap the coils with a push or pull.

Long version. I've played Gibson style guitars most of my life, because of this I've developed a nasty habit with my right hand that causes me to hit the volume knob on guitars with the traditional Strat placement (e.g. Strat, CE 24, Custom 24, etc). guitars that have the volume knob lower down like a les Paul (McCarty 594, SG, etc) I don't have a problem with. I have a 594 that I really love, but I really dig the sound the longer scale, bolt neck, and steel trem block give the CE. It's just a different fun sound than my 594. I've been looking at ways to get around this, and I had an idea pop in my head that I saw on a PJ bass. There are stacked knobs, for stacked pots. It got me looking for something that had a stacked stacked pot with a push push or push pull to split the coils. Here's a link to the knob style I'm talking about:
and here's an example of a J Bass with these pots:

If anyone has some other ideas that don't involve routing out the back of the body, I'm open to ideas.

What I'd really like is a 594 with a bolt on maple neck, longer scale, and trem, but that's just crazy private stock talk that I can't afford haha.
You may be right, I can’t seem to find one. It’d be easier if I didn’t like the coil tap on the CE haha.
I want to do the same for a SE Cu24, concentric pots, 2 vol and 2 tone, but have to use a mini toggle(s) for the split(s). I like the mini toggles tobe able to split pups individually.

Another option would be a push pull pot as a volume for bridge, keeping the split, and concentric pots for neck volume and master tone, 2 vol and 1 tone.
I guess in theory I could add mini toggles to split the pickups individually and just use a single concentric pot a master volume and master tone. Not sure if I’d be comfortable drilling new holes in the top though.