Over The Shoulder Guitar Holder

One more thought: Air travel is a big issue for me. I've given it some thought since getting the bag.

Would I fly with this (or any) bag? I've flown to sessions with a gig bag in earlier times, but lately the overhead bins are stuffed with heavy luggage.

The Gig Blade seems as sturdy as similar bags, but I'd be VERY unhappy if I had to check any gig bag as airline baggage. I'd need to be sedated!

If traveling to an important session by air, I'd opt for a Calton or similar, something I wouldn't have to worry about if it had to be checked at the gate, but that would still have a chance at fitting into the overhead bin.

I wouldn't want to check a wood or lightweight injection molded case, either. It can take a long time to find a guitar that's as good as the ones I have if I had to replace one.
I flew back from NY with a SE ONE in its gig bag. They let me hang it in the small closet near the front. The guitar I went with was checked in and in a hard case.
Thread resurrection --

After few weeks of use I really like this bag. My only criticism is that the edge of the shoulder strap isn't rolled, and digs into my neck if I'm wearing a T-shirt. I think they should offer a strap with wetsuit material (or leather) rolled edges that wouldn't do that - even if it had to be optional.

Yes, of course I sent them an email with this suggestion. Because I'm that guy and it would make the bag perfect.

Edit: Here's something unusual. I got a personal reply within a couple of hours!
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