Opeth : 5/16 - STL


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Dec 1, 2012
Eureka, MO
My birthday is 5-19 and the wife surprised me with my gift last night.

VIP Package to see Opeth and Katatonia on 5/16 here in STL. I can't wait. I love both bands and as you know Opeth are big PRS guys. Both Mikael and Fredrik have their own SE signature models. I'll take some pictures and post a few here after the event.

Mikael and Fredrik talking about their SE's.

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She treats you right! Congrats and happy birthday

Yep. She's definitely a keeper. Our 17 year anniversary is later this year. I'll be 33...we've been together since we were 16 and 15. How time flies right.
Just returned home. First time seeing both Katatonia and Opeth. Great show. Both Mikael and Fredrik played their SE Signatures for most of the show. They each changed for only a few songs, those mainly being acoustic numbers.

The VIP Package got us some goodies and about 30 or more minutes with the band. I counted 12-13 people who went this route so it was a small crowd. Lots of time to talk shop with both Mikael and Fredrik. I was wearing a PRS shirt so they knew what was up, haha. Guitar nerd incoming!

Fredrik had just taken receipt of a new SC245 which he said he loved. He played it for a few songs. It looked and sounded monster.

I'll post a few pictures in the morning.
Pictures aren't that great due to poor lighting and iPhone photography but here are a few of the better ones.

Wife and I with the band.

Asking Mikael what guitars he brought out with him.

Getting Fredrik to sign my back plate and talking about his recently acquired SC245. He said there was talk of him and Mikael making Experience 2013.

Wife and I with Mikael.

Wife and I with Fredrik.

Swag from the VIP Package tickets. Tour book, Heritage double vinyl, shirt, pass and lanyard.

VIP from the Lou.

Back place of my Charcoal Cherry Burst PS signed by Mikael and Fredrik. Fredrik gave me a guitar pick.

All in all it was a good time. Thanks to the Chanda for the gift and the band for the experience and a great show.
Amazing! Meet Mikael, Fredrik and the Opeth guys is one of my dreams.
Saw them in Brazil last year during the Heritage Tour and, of course, was fantastic.

jfb, I'll not lie, I'm happy for you, but I feel a huge envy! hahahaha
Ah, and before I forget, happy birthday!
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