NGD - Little Seahorse!


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May 4, 2012
Local store found this in their warehouse and offered it up for sales. NOS with all the paperworks and the artist case.

Wife was asking me a couple of weeks what I wanted for my 50th birthday gift. Didn't have major GAS for awhile so was undecided. This beauty came at the right time when I was missing my purple Santana I and was just ogling online for a replacement Santana.

One piece Sapele top with insane quilt. Am surprised there was no fogging on the finish due to it being in storage for the past 16 years. Date on the hang tag shows that this was shipped in May '08. Just a couple of days before my actual birthday!

Quick question for those with West St Ltd: does yours come with a brass or gold Trem bar? Mine came with a chrome bar. Not sure if this was a norm with the factory back then, or it was simply misplaced many years back when this was put into storage.


Hi, what makes you say that? Yours also nickel plated?
I’ve owned a lot of different PRS models over the years and the Westie just speaks differently to me. Love the feel, the tone and just about everything about it. I ditched the speed knobs for amber lampshades and replaced the two piece trem with a one piece unit from John Mann. It will be the last guitar to leave the stable. Essentially it’s a Santana Standard,
I have to say the Westie is one of the very few PRS models I wouldn't mind one in every color of .. they are that special.
The only guitar I love more is my Semi hollow Santana
Technically, there were only two. Red and Brown. Not sure what the brown finish was called, but any sunlight makes it look orange. Of course, there are a couple of one offs out there….Sergio’s White Westie and Veinbuster’s black one to name two.
Congratulations Abraham!

And what a classy way to celebrate. A beauty!