Opener/Can of Worms: Check...OK, WAH pedal recs?

Loving the wah discussion! I was at a jam and trying some else's guitar through yet another persons board. They had a Mark Tremonti wah on the board. Just stepping on it was pretty sweet and it Wahed as expected and the tone was amazing. I'd never even played one before like this.

That said...the many wah models and envelope filter on my MX5 have been marvelous. Its pretty amazing what that box can do.
I am not a huge wah guy but usually keep one on my board for those times I want to use it. I have had a few different ones and still have a few. I tend to like the Crybaby. I am not real picky on which one. I have one now that has the adjustable Q on it. That is on my bigger board. I also have a mini Crybaby that is on my micro board. The one on my main board is a Hotone pedal that does volume as well as wah. It is a volume pedal until you click the switch on it then it switches to a wah. This has been one of the most useful pedals on my board. I use it more for a volume pedal than a wah but the wah is there when I want it. It supposedly has the Crybaby circuit in it for the wah.

I also have a Chihuahua wah. It is an optical wah like the Morley wah pedals. There is a slight delay in it coming on when you step on it. That drives me a little nuts. It is also adjustable on the Q and some other stuff I can't remember. I haven't looked at it in a good while.
my go to for years the Bud -Wah
Wish I still had mine. Somebody in another band that we shared rehearsal space with nicked it. But I replaced it with a Crybaby 535Q, and it works fine.
I have LAA Custom Italian Wah, but not in operational use. It broke down on me a year or two ago, and I never get myself to fix it. I'm not a massive wah user but I understand the attraction
Put a few hours in today with the RMC-4. When I’m looking for a new piece of gear, there’s always that sound in my head I’m chasing. I do research, I ask for opinions like in this thread and eventually pull the trigger on something. My track record is pretty good, but there are those occasions where something just hits perfectly. This is one of those times. Absolutely nails what I was looking for.
That's the one Steve Vai likes....right? He's a high gain guy for sure!
It's his signature wah.

Tremonti also uses a Morley wah (his own signature version). They're hard to find. I use my Bad Horsie in contour mode, and I think it does the Tremonti thing really well like that. I prefer that sound to the normal bad horsie mode.