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Jan 21, 2015
Suburban Chicago
Ok, noob like question; if you were using an “amp in a box” pedal, where would you put it in the chain? Right now I’ve got Bad Horsie wah, Tone of the Gods (preamp, boost, overdrive), Klonlike, two Eventide H9s, and a looper. I am adding the SLO pedal to the board and I’m all in my head as to where to put it. Thoughts?
You could put it at the end. I would put it between the Klondike and H9’s.

Edit to add that that I’m pretty much a newb as well. I did find my UA Dream worked best behind drives and fuzz, in front of delay, verb and looper. Others will add much more experience to this subject than I have.

Another edit to add - put it where it sounds best.
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I have some bad news: It Depends.

The bog standard place to put it would be in place of wherever the preamp of your guitar amp would normally be.

So before any reverb, delay, and modulation, but after anything else and then the output of those goes to the power amp.

I think there's some question as to whether the SLO pedal really should replace your amplifiers preamp.

It's really best to experiment and find what you like the sound of the best. The only reason to change things up from there could be noise floor issues if you are sensitive to those, as order can make gain (volume) staging differences.
I would put it after OD and before modulation. Never hurts to play around with it thought I see how it interacts with your specific board.
That’s what I’d do. The last “voicing pedal” in your chain is the one that shapes your tone the most. Since the whole purpose of this pedal is an SLO voice, I would put it last in the chain of the voicing pedals, then any solo boost or OD pedal in front adds to it.

I have done tons of experiments with this and won’t waiver on this. IF you prefer some OD pedal after it, then that proves that the voice pedal is not really what you wanted to start with!
P.S. (sorry, but you got me started now!)

Start with the new pedal ONLY at first. Then put ODs and comps in front. Then mods after.

If you dialed up things you love when it was the only pedal, you can then verify as you add pieces that you are adding to that tone, and not taking away from it.
The SLO pedal looks to be a Lead channel only circuit, so more of a multistage drive in a box, not a “whole amp in a box” pedal. I would be tempted to try something unusual: place it in parallel with your Tone of the Gods pedal and use an A/B/Y device or a blender pedal. So use the TotG as your clean channel and your SLO as the dirty. Or run the SLO into the TotG and see what happens when you slam the TotG that hard! You’ve got some investigating to do.

So try: Wah—Klonlike—(parallel SLO/Tone of the Gods:join)—H9A—H9B—out.
I would put it after preamp, boost, and overdrive if you stack the pedals. But it won't explode if you experiment; you may like it before any of these pedals, too. Amp-in-a-box therm means nothing. It's still just an overdrive pedal.

I personally don't stack pedals at all; it's a best recipe for noise. I stack them with my amp overdrive, though. In this scenario, it doesn't matter where I have things placed
Ya, I don't think the SLO qualifies as an amp in a box; more like preamp in a box... AIBs would include power-amp & speaker/cab emulation of some kind (and sometimes mic/placement as well). When I think AIB I think BluGuitar Amp1, Strymon Iridium, Milkman The Amp, Sans Amp GT2, etc. I like ViperDoc's suggestion to put the Tone of the Gods and SLO pedals in parallel, but if I didn't think I'd want to switch between them, I'd probably just be lazy and string them in series and use one or the other as the song required... my 2¢
if you were using an “amp in a box” pedal, where would you put it in the chain?
Solid question. I put mine in the middle of the chain after the drives, before the modulation. I want the 'amp' to sound like it's in a space, rather than the space sounding like it's coming through the amp.
For me, it all depends on how you plan on running the pedal. I would spend some time with the pedal and find out what you like about it and how you like it configured. I tend to run my OD pedals in order of gain. Right now I have The Engine by DryBell on my board first. It is a little fuller and gainer than my other OD pedals on my board. However, it has a clean boost in it that I use to boost it as well as the OD pedals that follow it. I also have a Friedman Buxom Boost at the end of the chain for just making my tone louder when I want to get louder for a solo. I usually play with a new pedal through my amp by itself and explore all it has to offer then figure out where in the chain I want it and then experiment with that a bit. This to me is part of the fun of getting a new pedal.
AIBs would include power-amp & speaker/cab emulation of some kind (and sometimes mic/placement as well). When I think AIB I think BluGuitar Amp1, Strymon Iridium, Milkman The Amp, Sans Amp GT2, etc.
AIB pedals traditionally meant OD or Distortion pedals that had a particular voicing, such as an "MIB" pedal was made to make your fender clean channel sound like a Marshall amp, for example. I've never heard a modeling or similar pedal as you're referring to called an "amp in the box" pedal . All that "in a box" stuff started with that meaning years ago and all the "MIB" or "SIB" or DIB pedals meaning a pedal that would make your clean channel sound like a Marshal or Soldano or Dumble or whatever. Never heard a "plug this into an FRFR" pedal referred to as an "AIB." That's RIB! "rig in a box." LOL
Ok, so maybe “amp in a box” wasn’t the best description. Thanks to all for your suggestions. After the Lads and before the H9s where what I was thinking. They A/B suggestion isn’t something that I had thought of, but I may try that.
No, I think you labeled it correctly. And, I know you wanted one for a while, so while all of this "there is no wrong way" and "experiment to see what you like" stuff is fine, the fact is, if you want Soldano tones from your clean channel of your Archon, put the Soldano pedal after any other comps or ODs in your chain, so that the S voice is what hits the amps clean channel. Putting an OD after it changes the voicing to be more like the OD and less like the Soldano pedal! So while "there is no wrong way" is one way to look at it, there is a wrong way IF you're going for the voice that is the whole reason you bought this pedal in the first place. LOL