Looking for an OD pedal with a boost.

I've built a couple Crown Jewel pedals. They're cool because you can change out the boost module and move it around in the Circuit via the top toggle switch. Also not too expensive.

BMF Marc F'n Ford
Love it based on the name alone!:p:D
Wampler Andy Wood Gearbox (tumnus + pinnacle + noisegate)
This will soon be on my board:cool:

I have one of these on my tiny board.
It is a very good sounding pedal but
It's not what you're looking for.

You asked about OD with a boost.
This is a double OD pedal, but the Tumnus
side does a very good clean boost indeed,

The gate works well too.
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Wampler Andy Wood Gearbox (tumnus + pinnacle + noisegate)
This will soon be on my board:cool:
I was checking this very pedal out this morning on YouTube. A very good possibility.

Never heard of Andy Wood until today. What a monster player!
I know it doesn’t have a boost, but I had to share this

Edit: however they do make a hotcake with a clean boost.
Thanks again! I'll be checking that out as well. Much appreciated.

Bottom line and maybe this will help. If someone handed me a pedal and said "it has that crunch on the bottom and that crisp high end with no fizz....but it doesn't sound like VH II" I'd said "GREAT! Let me try it!"
Speaking of Van Halen……

Do a search for two sided or double OD pedals. I have had a Jetter Gold Standard on my board for quite a long time. I also have the TrueTone XO OD pedal. You can pretty much set any of these up to be an OD with a boost. Some allow switching the order in which they stack. I went down this road a good while ago and I found a good number of pedals to dig into and these two are the ones that I ended up with.
Huge Wampler fanboy here...any of theirs, and the Pantheon is great place to start.

Also, I have an older Jaurnig Gristle pedal...originally made for Greg Koch...great crunch with a great boost.
Thanks Bill. I'm still doing some research and I have a question about the Patheon pedal.

Regarding the channel select switch: I see how you can go from 1 into 2 or 2 into 1. Is there a way on this pedal (or on other Wampler pedals with the same switch) where lets say, you're using channel A and you want to switch over to just use channel B only leaving channel A out of the picture or vise versa? Seems the only way to go from one channel to the next is to turn off the channel you're using and then turn on the channel you want to use.