NGD-Ok...I'm gunna find out if Sergio is right and if all my other guitars are trash.

For a while now I've been browsing and browsing for a Santana. It's probably been over a year. I haven't really played a Santana, I picked up an SE Santana at a local shop years ago and put it back up after 15 sec with it...unplugged. I've been hearing from others that they bring something different to the table...So I finally found one that I liked and had to snag it. Forgive me Sergio it's blue...but it's a Santana so maybe you'll let it slide LOL. I can't wait till it comes in...these are pics from the listing.



HOLY DROOOOOL WORTHY BEAUTY !!! I'm sitting around waiting for the guitar... every so often refreshing the tracking...watching my front door cameras.

I refresh it and it say "Delivery Attempted".....I'm like "What!?" I look at my camera and the UPS driver just drove by without stopping!!

I wasn't having NONE of that...I literally ran like 4 year old and got my keys and chased him down like the barrio kid I grew up as. He looked at me with the guiltiest face...LOL...I asked him for my guitar and he gave it to me no question....good thing too cuz I took off without my phone or wallet.

After that drama....


Looks right at home on my PRS wall! I've been playing it over the past 3 hours.

IF you are a Volume knob fiend.....and you don't have a Santana you need this and you don't know it yet. It's just so natural, I mean I've heard of the knob placement being a thing....but wow it's like grabbing your trem! Your brain just does it.

The Vol and tone pots are powerful...they can really change the dynamic of the guitar...and thats because your expect that from a PRS...but really...on the santana its to a higher gravity. Fat or about Fat and get both.

Adjusting the pickup hieghts also gave me different tastes...and pretty much all good ones.

The smaller scale of the guitar, that's a kicker...owning and playing all my guitars...LPs, strats, ect.....I don't have a guitar with this scale...and that alone makes it different.

If you are sitting down twiddling your thumbs thinking of your next PRS or even your First core model....I gotta recommend the Santana. I played the guitar on 4 different amps and played different styles....and loved it for all of them...even for my super high gain Metal riffage it didn't disappoint.

Definitely the missing guitar I've been looking for.