NGD-Ok...I'm gunna find out if Sergio is right and if all my other guitars are trash.

Looks right at home on my PRS wall! I've been playing it over the past 3 hours.

IF you are a Volume knob fiend.....and you don't have a Santana you need this and you don't know it yet. It's just so natural, I mean I've heard of the knob placement being a thing....but wow it's like grabbing your trem! Your brain just does it.

The Vol and tone pots are powerful...they can really change the dynamic of the guitar...and thats because your expect that from a PRS...but really...on the santana its to a higher gravity. Fat or about Fat and get both.

Adjusting the pickup hieghts also gave me different tastes...and pretty much all good ones.

The smaller scale of the guitar, that's a kicker...owning and playing all my guitars...LPs, strats, ect.....I don't have a guitar with this scale...and that alone makes it different.

If you are sitting down twiddling your thumbs thinking of your next PRS or even your First core model....I gotta recommend the Santana. I played the guitar on 4 different amps and played different styles....and loved it for all of them...even for my super high gain Metal riffage it didn't disappoint.

Definitely the missing guitar I've been looking for.
Another successful convert! Welcome to Club Santana!
What’s a descent price to pay these days for a used core Santana?
It seems to be moving quite a bit right now...but when I was shopping 3k was the lowest I saw for a Santana 3. Don't be afraid to contact shops and talk about guitars they have in stock you might want to pull the trigger on. A lot of the time they will cut a deal, so be ready to pull it. That's what I did here with this buy.

All that said Reverb dot com is your friend in researching.