New Dusty Waring DW CE24 Hardtail

I finally watched the PRS video with Bryan Ewald yesterday playing around with the DW stoptail. I quite liked the tones he was getting.

I watched what he did, especially the intro riffage, and got out a few of my existing guitars to see how well I could re-create it, through an Archon like he was using.

I came to realize that my stoptail guitar collection has very little in common with this CE, and there was no way I could re-create that tone. My Holcomb 6 stringer is probably closest, but is tuned to D standard. My McCarty with IRW neck and McCarty pickups is nowhere near the tone. Nor my SH Ltd Vela. Those pickups in the DW, along with all the other features like the through-body bridge and bolt on maple neck, seem to really make a difference.

So I think I have convinced myself I "need" one of these. Sigh. Or Grrr. Or yay?