SE CE Standard Satin...I dig it...

I do too. I might get one and light it on fire. Once the body has burned a little, I'll rebuild it with the following:

* SD Custom/Custom in the bridge
* SD Vintage Staggered STrat in the neck (I have a bunch of those single coil cut-out pickup rings)
* 1 volume
* 3-way toggle in the tone hole
* Toggle for series/parallel in the toggle hole
* SE Locking tuners
* Mannmade USA tremolo

I'll make it into a one-of-a-kind player guitar. I'm actually excited!! Last time I burned a guitar it was 1998. I still have it. It ROCKS!! This one will too.
If your gonna burn a guitar make it a Les Paul…..and forget to put it out….

LOL!!!! Actually, in high school (86 or so) I smashed and burned some old Les Paul triple humbucker custom my dad got for me. It was pre- GnR when you couldn't give a way an old les paul. I HATED that guitar. It was heavy, ugly and I couldn't solo on it. After band practice one afternoon, I got pissed so I Pete Townsended the guitar. It took a while to fall apart. My bandmates and I took turns bashing it in the driveway. Once it fell apart, I took the parts off and burned the wood. It was a nasty burn - stinky and full.

I still have the pickups. One of them, along with some vintage strat pickups, live in my burned Ibanez RG560. The other parts got used or tossed over the years.