Let's see the family photos!

Minor growth since my last post in this thread


Ok, everyone is home and awake for this one.

From L to R, T to B: 2021 Core McCarty HBII, 2018 SE 245, 2014 SE CU24, 2024 SE CE24. Tario 5 String Fretless, Wakelee 5 String, OLP MM-4, 2014 SE Kestral. Blackstar HT Metal 5w, Sonzera 20, Ampeg Rocket 110 50w. Line 6 Pod HD 500X, Wakelee Custome Pedals Board, Boss GT-6B.

I am running out of room so the next Family Photo will have to be taken at the Walmart Photo Center.

EDIT: I left out my 2019 SE A55-E Acoustic.
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Family photo as of today. The CE is new to me. The rest of the family hasn't changed since this shot

SE Holcomb SVN in Drop G#
CE Custom 24 in E Standard
S2 Vela Semi Hollow in E Standard
SE Custom 24 in D Standard
SE Custom 24 in B Gb B G B E
SE Holcomb in Drop C
Nice family!