McCartys... Let's see 'em!

McCarty Singlecut

Yowza! That’s the first PRS I’ve seen with a Royal Ebony fretboard. Love my two Kiesel/Carvins with RE.
If that is all he made you do, I think you got off cheap! That is a killer guitar though (and certainly not cheap by most folks standards)!!
Well it took me a LOOoooooooong time to find the right one at the right price I gotta say mate.
And cheers, this thing is awesome.
I STILL haven't had the guts to put the 58/15 LT+ pups in it. Messing with success is messing with my mind...
When you realized you missed a McCarty thread by a few years and 15 pages in! Dang health problems….

A P22 is a McCarty


I’m about 95% on listing this for sale due to the Pattern Regular neck carve. The other 5% says no way after playing it.

Hard to believe I’ve owned this for over a decade, but I feel like I’ve lost the last 6 years with the health challenges.


Maybe Paul has another Pernie neck blank and will let me change it to a Pattern Vintage carve? Sigh.

This one is perfect and going no where, a gift from the missus!

My first 594, all killer!


It was overseas at World Guitars, so my wife decided it needed to come back to the USA. Came with a beautiful photo book as well.


Gone but never forgotten- what was I thinking when I traded these guitars?!?

MCTrem TOL. Killer guitar. A beast over 9lbs and traded in to build my P245T. Love my PS, but I sure do miss this one!

SC 594 SH in NL. Simply didn’t get along with the SH sound. Probably would love it today! Traded toward a Coll IX, that I sold due to home repair bills…

Fatback DC594 in Sandstorm Fade. Great guitar

Traded it for this BRW DC594, which I had to sell when the home repairs started. One of the best tops I’ve seen, in Dirty Blonde finish.