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I'll post up after I wash and wax the Mustinger again. I've been in 3 shows this week and haven't really had much time to clean it up for pictures.
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That GT looks good with the Mustang.


True fact: the left wheel well in the 15+ Mustang's trunk has a notch in it. That notch allows an electric guitar case to fit perfectly across the back of the trunk. I believe some good person at Ford was looking out for us and added that little touch.

Since it seems not to be raining fire in here because of non-PRS content, here's a closer shot (OK, two shots). I love this guitar:


Did Fabio know you stole his shirt??:p
I had to chuckle on this...

The week of July 4th we went out of town to the WA side of the Columbia River Gorge (demo phase on our roof replacement, needed some place more quiet). At the hotel restaurant this guy walks in with some friends and my wife and I are like ‘wow, this guy must be a big Fabio fan, looks just like him’ - turns out it WAS Fabio! Older women kept coming up to him asking for pictures, quite funny. He seemed like a really nice, down to earth guy, clearly used to the attention.