If you could change one thing about a PRS you own, what would it be?

DGT. I know people rave about the PRS coil spilts, but to be honest I'm not much a fan. If this is indeed the best coil-spilts can get, then I guess maybe I simply don't like coil splits? I've heard Grissom say he "can get a tele bridge tone, or a strat neck tone, or a Gretsch in-between tone" with the DGT wiring, but I don't hear it. I own a tele, a strat, and a Gretsch.

Also, to be honest, while the PRS treble bleed is OK, the treble bleeds on all my other guitars actually work better. That I might have to look into, maybe try adjusting the component values to get better performance.

I have the 35th Anniversary (basically 24-08) and the way I see the coil split is more as a secondary flavour to a given pickup. I found myself keeping the neck pickup in permanent split - especially played clean. It's just clearer, more articulated type of tone which works great with my rig played clean. Does it do a strat thing? No, I played strats 3/4th's of my guitar lifetime and I just can't get the decent neck single coil out of my PRS. But does it sound good, does it add a flavour I enjoy? Sure it does. I wouldn't change a thing about this guitar. Both pickups in split mode does amazing Knopfler impression, though
I would fade the whale blue of my '99 Cu22.
Although it's not realistic, i wish the neck on my '11 Studio was deeper. hmmm, maybe adding some jumbo frets would do the trick.
If i couldn't change either of the items above i should swap out the stoptails for MannMade.
The '16 Mash Green Cu24 is browning despite it never seeing sunlight so that is a candidate for a refin.
I've never been a fan of dark cherry burst so i'd refin the '18 594.
My Paul’s Guitar would be perfect if it was as well-balanced on the leg as my Silver Sky. That’s it - that’s all I’d change.