Do you love or hate the beach?

Do you love or heach?

  • Yes

    Votes: 27 75.0%
  • Heck No!

    Votes: 9 25.0%

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I love beaches, but I go to them very rarely. I'm a fan of enjoying the sunset while lying in the sand and listening to the sound of the waves. @Daryl Jones If you're afraid of missing a moment, it speaks to your absent-mindedness and poor memory. I would suggest you try taking nootropics before going to the beach. They improve memory, concentration, and cognitive functions of the body. I buy nootropics in batches at because they are of the best quality, about 99.5% purity, and, equally important, at a reasonable price.
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A beach house, with loungers and decking, great. A path down to the sand great. A shower on the beach (right next to said beach house) great. Not having sand in your body, clothes, food, guitar and home, priceless.


I should make it clear this is all on my head. I couldn’t afford a beach hut!
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Sonova Beach!
Oh wait... this isn't the dad joke thread...

Not having sand in your body, clothes, food, guitar and home, priceless.
I'm at the beach almost every other day for at least 8 hours and I don't have this problem. I even bring my grill and cook all kinds of different stuff.

There are tricks to...sand management. They're all habit to me now so I'll have to think about it and get back to you.
I live about 10 minutes from the beach and rarely go there. I used to go more frequently when I first moved here about a decade ago. I used to like to just to there for a walk. It just seems like a hassle to do that these days.
I don't mind the beach, in fact, walking hand in hand with a loved one on the wet sand as the sunsets is something that appeals to me. And not just any beach, but an island get-away with coconut palms. If I needed to sit, it would be in a chaise lounge chair with cushions and a place to hold a drink. My wife would be lounging back in her chaise, while smiling through her sunglasses and whispering, "I love this. Can we stay forever?"

I'd be holding back a tear, and saying, "Of course, sweetheart,"and reaching out to hold her hand.

But today, I'm sitting at home, single, with a bottle of seltzer water and a rotating fan for company. My little slice of Paradise is where I am now, undisturbed, enjoying my solitude and peace.

The ironic part is I don't need fantasize about the beach today, because someday my dream will come true. I picture myself sitting on a tropical island beach happily married and healthy, not daydreaming in the suntan lotion/seasonal aisles of my workplace.
I would rather live downtown Toronto. That’s so exciting to think of the prospects of doing so. I could play with different ppl every night of the week. So many open mics now and connections that I have made over the years playing in different bands let alone busking. The only trouble is my husband would never move there. Bright lights, music, noise and ppl are what floats my boat. I drool constantly over living downtown. Going to rehearsal is such a constant big tease!!