Do you love or hate the beach?

Do you love or heach?

  • Yes

    Votes: 27 75.0%
  • Heck No!

    Votes: 9 25.0%

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Daryl Jones

non-practicing pacifist
Nov 15, 2021
Alberta Canada
I love the beach, but being of the "alabaster" skin tone, I have to be so very careful. I've had 2 excisions of melanoma in the last 4 years so it's not in my best interest to do a shake & bake day anyway. Always loved the sun but it always peeled me raw, and nobody knew the long term dangers (or at least didn't heed the warnings) for youngsters when I was a little feller. Doesn't mean I wouldn't love to absorb some serious vitamin D naturally, it's just not worth it. As to beach attire, whatever floats the boat. As long as someone is comfortable at what they do/wear, I'm fine with it. I can look at the water or the clouds for that matter.
Speaking of water, I'd much rather be in it and scuba diving under the surface of it.


New Member
Jul 4, 2015
St. Petersburg
I grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida. Beaches all around. Got burned out on them. I hate sand in my car. I hate the sunburn. I do miss sunrise and sunset....but, I have them here in the mountains too.

I live in the Smokies now. I am much happier with my surroundings. I sat on the porch yesterday, drinking coffee, watching three doe eat. They were about 50 feet away. There was a bald eagle in the tree next to my greenhouse yesterday, too.

I have a one year old Great Dane pup. She has 22 acres to run freely. I have apple trees. I see leaves change. I see snow. I LOVE it here in Tennessee.

Don't miss the beach.