Do you love or hate the beach?

Do you love or heach?

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I’mI absolutely hate the beach. To me, the beach means salt, sand, and sunburn. I have very fair and sunscreen tends to turn a person into human sandpaper on the beach. I do not know many older guys who love the beach, but I know a metric truck load of older women who love the beach. Young women look good in bathing suits. I would rather not see most older (age 50+) women in a bathing suit and I am sure that they would rather not see me in one as well. :)
I LOVE the beach. My wife loves the beach. We make sure to spend a vacation every year at the ocean, and multiple other short trips to the lake. Ocean trip lately has been Myrtle Beach but after school starts, so not the massive wall of people it is just a few weeks earlier.

And I have to tell you, my over 50 old wife would knock your eyes out in a bikini, if she’d ever wear one. She’s too self conscious to do so, but trust me, you would not be looking away if she walked by in a bikini. Nor would you have a clue that she was mid 50s. As modestly as she dresses at the beach, it’s still quite noticeable the attention she gets.

And, I’m 60 and my Speedo pics are legendary here.

Ok, the last part was a joke, but the rest wasn’t.
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I don't believe some of the things I'm reading here. :confused: There are people that actually hate the beach?

From my experience a hat and sunscreen works pretty good and there are as many secluded beaches as there are crowded ones. We are mostly made out of water and being near it is one of the most natural things we can do. I'm an *old* guy, love it, and I go on a regular basis, but that's also because I'm an avid surfcaster and only eat ocean fish.

Surf caster. Is that like “bank fishing?” :)


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Feb 10, 2022
Jersey Shore! The actual place, not those tools that are actually from NY.:mad:
Reach the beach at ALL costs. Van Halen NAILED it - Drink in my hand, toes in the sand.
Island Beach State Park is the only beach I can bring myself to visit in the summer. I hate everywhere else, too crowded.


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May 19, 2018
Go off season, May and Sept, Oct get a hotel with a balcony overlooking the ocean and enjoy! You don't have to even have to go on the beach, stay on the balcony, in your hotel room. Nice temps in May and Oct, Nov (east coast).