Do you love or hate the beach?

Do you love or heach?

  • Yes

    Votes: 27 75.0%
  • Heck No!

    Votes: 9 25.0%

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I live a few miles from the beach but I'm not a fan. I find it a hassle packing and unpacking the vehicle, getting set up on the beach, then cleaning and vacuuming the vehicle. Its a lot of work for very little return. IMO of course.
Love the idea of the beach, hate the execution.

Honestly, when I was a kid my grandparents had a beach house on the water in North Carolina and I got a little spoiled. I mean, it was literally like being at home in a modest three bedroom full house on the ocean. Hard to downgrade to a hotel or pay several thousand dollars to stay at the ocean.

I don’t like taking my shoes off, so barefoot stuff outside isn’t my bag.
I answer yes. Hate for all the OP’s reasons - salt, sand everywhere (everywhere!), sunburn, basal call carcinoma, sunscreen, crowds.

Love the smell of the ocean, snorkeling, the cool water after the hot sun, Mai Tais…
If i didn't hate her, I wouldn't call her a beach.

All kidding aside, I have a love hate relationship with beaches I love them until they try to kill me. I nearly drown at a beach once. Not something I care to repeat. I do have fond memories if Tirogi Beach on Guam, but that was from 52 years ago.
Hard not to love the beach when I wake up to this every morning...


That turns into this


And ends here

Man, some of memories I have of Sturgeon falls.
I used to always hang out at the snack bar lounge where the bands played. I was smitten by one of the guitar players, his name was Norm and he was my dream boy as a youngster.

The fishing was incredible.

The scenery was unbeatable.

There were teenaged boys!

I was in love!
The beach makes me think of:

- perpetual sand between my toes.
- public bathrooms in flipflops. Really enjoyable when combined with above.
- hot temperatures that give me heat rash before I even get a sunburn.
- sunscreen that makes me feel like a human lint roller.
- squinting, either because I only have regular glasses on and its too bright, or because I have plain sunglasses on and everything’s blurry.
- never being settled with my keys, wallet, phone situation.
- seaweed
- people, and no where to hide from them.

If there was a beach experience that involved none of those things, though, I’d be down. The ocean is relaxing to listen to, and sunsets are nice.

But until then, heck no!
Come to think of it I would rather hang out in my messy little studio and play to my hearts content OR I would rather go hiking. It drives me just a bit nuts to sit and relax. Relax is not in my vocabulary. Consistent activity is what I need. Movies don’t stand a chance with me. 10 minutes into it and I am up doing something else. 1/2 hour sitcoms I can manage to sit through.