Current Family Portrait

513 family shot:

The PRSi family shot:

Maple neck familiy shot:

The Magnificent Seven shot:

And the typical Let's-gether-for-a-family-shot-and-always-persons-are-late/not-present:

(In total there are 12 electrics, three are stored in my parents-in-law's house.)
Those are Polk Audio's they put out plenty of SPL without rattle, and the head of the HOA lives next door and works at home .. So I moved the Blue Sierra to the upstairs studio
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Love my DG30 , especially the cab. Les can tell you how lovely they are to play through. The Paisley amp set is a Blue Sierra 50 3xECC88 pre -amp 12 AT7 reverb and I installed 2 Gold Lion KT 77's to replace the 6L6's They are fave's in the audiophile world and really bring it into a nicer clean power amp tone, it still has all the wool in the pre's .

"A modern re-creation of the legendary Genalex KT77. Produced in Russia by New Sensor. It is far more reliable than the JJ KT77, and even more beautiful sonically. Great mids, smooth, airy highs, incredible bass, wonderful 3D presence, and that natural glory you'd expect in an EL34.

A quick note on this tube: These tubes seem to take a bit longer to break in than some other power tubes, so if they sound a little lightweight in the bass, you have to give them time. Some guys are reporting at least 100 hours before the fully come into their own."

I can attest to that , took a bit of bias tweaking but they just get better and better.

I think of the DG30 as a hand wired Vox AC30 on steroids, the Sierra is a 50 w Plexi, If you get one I would follow as I did , Les' suggestion and get the EL84 M's you'll be happy , my 35 year old Boogie uses them too .
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