1. L

    Latest Family Portrait!

    Bored out of my mind being off work so I decided to rearrange the furniture! I have a T-Style hole in my collection at the moment. Can’t find the NF53 in the colour I want. Recommendations welcome! L-R: DGT SE - McCarty Sunburst Studio - Satin Purple Mist Wood Library Silver Sky Dead Spec - Moc...
  2. L

    Current Family Portrait

    Silver Sky SE - Nylon Blue Studio - Satin Purple Mist Wood Library 10 Top Modern Eagle V - Opaque Black Gloss DGT (Rosewood Neck) - River Blue Wood Library 10 Top DGT SE - McCarty Tobacco Sunburst
  3. Patrick Montgomery

    My guitar family

    I’m new to the forum, but have been collecting/playing PRS guitars since 2010! This was my collection earlier this year, so it doesn’t include my newest guitar. Just thought you all might enjoy some eye candy!
  4. Skeeter

    Talk to me about PG/MEV bridge pickup

    So, I’ve had a couple 408s, and my SH 408 is arguably my favorite guitar. So I have a good idea of what the narrow pup sounds like in the neck. I think it’s amazing split, and really sounds Strat-like more than any split humbucker I’ve ever encountered. As a full humbucker, I appreciate the...
  5. Ryan Ko

    NGD - Private Stock Modern Eagle V

    I just got my first PRS. I have long been a loyal fan of Gibson and James Tyler but this ME5 really blew my mind. I just fell in love with the new pickups and Northern Lights finish. The curly maple top sure is flamy. The TCI-tuned pickups are great and the coil splits on both PU's are...