Committing blasphemy?


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Jan 8, 2021
I'm sure I'll get a lot of hate for this but I'm replacing the pickups in my DGT SE guitar. Love everything about it except the pickups. My question is, should I retain the resistors currently being used in the coil split circuit, or should I remove those? I'm assuming they are chosen based on the coil impedance values for those particular pickups.
If it were me, I would leave the resistors in place. PRS uses the same values in all of their guitars that have them. You can always remove them later if you think the tapped tones need to be thinner with the new pickups.
Putting a dimarzio 36th in neck and SD pearly gates in bridge. Should be interesting.
The coils in a humbucker are wired in series. To split the humbucker, one coil is removed either partially or completely. PRS splits a humbucker by placing a resistor in parallel with the coil to be removed by the coil split switch. This causes some of the unwanted coil to remain in use to limit the volume drop from the split.

If the resistor was removed and the coil shorted to ground by the split switch the single remaining coil volume would be more quiet. Changing the pickup may need a different resistor value to effect a good split tone and volume level