3/4 Scale PRS

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If PRS made a 3/4 scale PRS, SE or Maryland-built, would you buy one?

For your child? For yourself?

Absolutely! It kills me that my 5-year-old has to play another brand when he wants to "jam" along with me.
My gut makes a full-size PRS look like a 3/4-sized guitar, so no. Don't want to deal with the "when did PRS start making ukeleles?" questions.
My daughter started on a 3/4 acoustic when she was six, her first electric was a short scale Daisy Rock she got for her 7th birthday. Neck width was never a problem. She still has it in her room somewhere so I'll check the string spacing tomorrow. The Daisy Rock is a well built guitar.

Reviving this one. Last weekend, my daughter (at 7 months old) worked out how to strum the strings instead of just grabbing them. I play for her every weekend when I see her so there's a strong chance she's going to pick up the axe.

Now that we have the S2 series with much lower manufacturing costs, I'm putting it out there that this would make a great base for a 3/4 scale PRS (or maybe even a limited run).

Just planting the seed...