1. Utkarsh

    The PRS Collection Part 2: ME1, Holcomb, 1986 Custom and more

    Hey folks Thanks for the encouraging words and the suggestions for the last video. As promised, here's the weekly update. Today we go over the 'rare' PRS models in the collection, everything from a relatively early (1986) factory Custom, to a ME1, a Core Holcomb and of course my latest...
  2. Bradley Gavel

    58/15 or 57/08?

    Was just wondering which is preferred (or any pickup for that matter) I'm sort of looking for something that will really ring out on clean harmonics, have great mids but can also play some quality metal/punk tones. I have the stock SE 245 "S" pickups, and while I really do like the sound, I...
  3. Utkarsh

    More PRS Spotting

    Six more from the second episode of the series, in terms of PRS's that have caught my attention and GAS this week. This week, I have expanded beyond Private Stocks to all PRS's. I have highlighted an S2 (possibly the most beautiful S2 I have ever seen) I have been eyeing for a while, as well as...
  4. Utkarsh

    Review: 2020 PRS Custom 24 with Nitro and TCI

    Some of you may recall my Quarantine NGD post back in January when I became a proud owner of an Artist Pack Custom 24 in Purple with a Maple fretboard and neck. This guitar has been my main band...
  5. NazgulUK

    PRS Licks - Collaborative Spotify Playlist

    I'm always on the lookout for new music, and old forgotten stuff too! I've set up a collaborative playlist here: Be great if you can add some of your favourites! Enjoy all!
  6. M

    Tim Mahoney SE hardware replacement

    I have a Tim Mahoney SE and was looking to replace the chrome wraparound bridge with a gold wraparound with saddles, and possibly replacing the tuners with some gold locking tuners.. could I get either of these without having to drill new holes? I bought a bridge about 5 years ago that didn’t...
  7. G

    PRS SE ax20E vs PRS SE A40E

    Does any body know what the difference between these two guitars are? All i can find is that the A40e has layered Ovangkol back and sides, and thex ax20e has layered Mahogany back and sides. Also, the X20e, has standard X bracing, vs hybrid bracing in the a40e. Also in the 2021 lineup, it...
  8. Bradley Gavel

    New Toy Arrived Today

    I present to you: Laurie. Named her after my mother who always supported me in my musical endeavors and she also bought this for me, enjoy :D Pics aren't the highest of quality but if it fires up the GAS for anyone, I call that a win
  9. vrdl87

    The Birds Behind The Famous PRS Bird Inlays (McCarty 594 love affair)

    I've had my McCarty 594 for about a week now, and in the euphoria I decided to make a YouTube-video about the beautiful birds behind the bird inlays. The music is made with the guitar itself, of course ;) Enjoy!
  10. vrdl87

    NGD McCarty 594

    First of all - thank you to all who contributed to my thread «». You made the wait more fun! And, last but not least, a shoutout to my amazing wife for gifting me this beauty of a guitar. This is...
  11. Aghimself

    02-04 PRS STANDARD 24

    Hey everyone. Im Looking for a 02-04 PRS STANDARD 24 BLACK with the MOON INLAYS in good to great condition. If anyone can point me into the right direction that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. BabyDracula

    Wiring Diagram Question

    Excuse my questions I'm a PRS newbie and guitar novice I recently bought a 2nd hand PRS S2 Singlecut and it needs to be re-wired (having weird issues where they guitar stops working if tilted. Checked connection on pots and switch, seem fine -maybe someone has tips) - I'm trying to return to...
  13. G

    Silver Sky defect? :(

    Hi everyone ! I have been a big fan of John Mayer and it was a dream for myself to get a hold on the Silver Sky. I managed to save enough to purchase a Silver Sky. However, I was disappointed to find out that my Silver Sky had some defect. The rosewood fretboard near the end of the headstock...
  14. Tramp

    A Tale of Two DGTs

    About 3 years ago, I bought my first DGT--a used Honey with a Brazilian Board and a wonderful Artist quilt top. It was my third PRS, after a Core DC 594 and a Private Stock Santana Retro. This very quickly became the standard by which all guitars were measured for me. Indeed, it was the...
  15. AlexBohlin

    What's one thing you LOVE about PRS that you haven't found in any other brand?

    Personally, I love the customization options. You could literally build whatever you want, albeit pricey, but nonetheless, you could get the guitar of your dreams. There's such a wide variety of electronics options, choosing from any of their humbuckers or the narrowfield or soapbars, and you...
  16. MrSuperstar


  17. C

    PRS wraparound stoptail

    Just bought a new SE Paul’s guitar and I’m having problems with sustain and what seems to be fretbuzz (mainly on G and B strings around middle of the neck) Have raised the action, gave the truss rod more slack and still having problems. My SE custom 24 (trem) has a super low action with an...
  18. MayPRS

    Let's talk CE24 Satin

    PRS is shipping again a CE24 Ltd Satin in Europe - as it did in 2017/2018 I think?: The release notes is from August 2020 but I think most dealers are getting new batches this month (at least...
  19. Justme_223

    Vintage PRS CE24 - Temporary Dead Spot Solution

    Hello everyone! I am new to the PRS community. I recently purchased one of my dream guitars. It is a 1991 alder bodied PRS CE24 that I find absolutely beautiful. I can take more pictures if you guys want! However, there is one major problem with it. After doing some comparisons with my...
  20. Patrick Montgomery

    NGD: PRS Studio 10-Top in Eriza Verde!

    I’ve been looking at the old studio models for about three years and could never find one in Eriza Verde. When I saw the one on the virtual launch event earlier this year, I knew I had to have one. Countless phone calls and a lot of website refreshes later and I managed to grab one of the first...