1. I

    Cleaning advice for my new Wood Library guitar

    Hi all, I've a 2017 Custom 24/08 Wood Library model and, other than using a micro-fibre cleaning cloth, I'm yet to clean it. The guitar came with no real care info, so I'm just checking for best advise on what to use to keep it in tip top condition. It's an ebony fretboard. I'm unsure on...
  2. PauloSilva

    New videoclip... i recorded the album with this PRS guitar

  3. N

    PRS SE Bernie Marsden Mods (Again)

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and new to PRS guitars of any kind, USA or Korea. I own 2 electric guitars at the moment, a 1956 Stratocaster and a 1953 Black Guard Tele (both vintage). I use to own an early 1959 Les Paul, also original, that I had to sell it 5 years ago. I recently came across a...
  4. vchizzle

    Exotic top SE run for the USA!!!

    Now that I have your attention :D, c'mon PRS, do it! I want an ebony top Zach Myers bad!
  5. Ozzy_Stabb

    Hero's guitar or something of my own? Lifeson VS CSB A10

    Yeah so, I've played an Alex Lifeson thinline, but it was a year ago at the PRS event. I currently play this beat up Silvertone that has no serial number, I think my parents payed $70 or so for it years ago. Point being none of the local shops around have them both for me to AB them, or really...
  6. Dave Weiner

    Ready for a swim? New 7-string Private Stock!

    Hey folks. Hope you've all been well. Thought you might enjoy a look at my new PS 7. Quick specs: Maple over ash, Maple board/neck. Dimarzio Blaze 7 pickups. Northern Lights finish. I said on the spec sheet "just pick the craziest flame you can find". Here's a...
  7. W

    Help Identifying PRS ?

    Hello all. Looking for help in identifying this PRS. There are a couple of things that throw me off. I do not know for sure what year it is. Also it has a stop tail piece and push pull tone pot. Does that mean it is not a Custom 24? It has McCarty Bass and Treble Pickups. I do not know if those...
  8. T

    Anybody knows which exact model this guitar is?

    I saw a Alice Cooper concert in year 2012 and Orianthi played this floyd guitar. I read that the floyd custom was released at 2014. Is this a special run and does it have different pickups? The newer ones have Ms but i could never try one out. She has another one but with covered pickups
  9. Boogie

    On Wings of Angels...

    Winged tuners are one of the most impressive PRS innovations, to me. Show your winged pride!
  10. Anaxes

    Help Finding The PRS for Me?

    I've been craving a core for a long time. The time is finally come. First off I am far from a hard rock or metal player, And don't have private stock or artist package money unfortunately. To start off I'm a huge fan of John Meyers tone especially on continuum and really love the sweet airy...
  11. Bran_Flakes

    Decisions, decisions....

    First off, hello! Name's Brandon (username from nickname in highschool). New to the forums, but I must say I've been reading different threads for quite some time to get more familiar with PRS guitars. Hopefully will be fairly active in the future. Anyways, I've ran into a dilemma and feel like...
  12. D

    P94 pickups in PRS?

    Hi everyone, I'm interested in buying a PRS SE Zach Myers (2017 model) and have a few questions please. 1) Is it possible to install Gibson P94 pickups? How would these sound on a PRS? I want that Les Paul Junior/Green Day tone, but want to stick with a PRS model. 2) Besides aesthetics, do I...
  13. jacenty

    How to use PRS winged tuners - video

    Hi there. I got a Core 22 with winged locking tuners last December and I was a little puzzled about how to use them. Then after doing some research and posting photos, @DISTORT6 mentioned that a lot of people might not know how to set these up properly. Long story short, I've made a video 'how...
  14. jleminen

    1992 PRS Custom 24 Wenge top

    I bought excellent 1992 PRS Custom 24 wenge topped guitar. I heard that 1992-1993 "PRS experimented with exotic tops, including wenge, cedar, zebra wood, etc and were not part of any limited run, they are normal production guitars except for the exotic tops" There's no modcat code in pickup...
  15. blackthorn

    PRS CE 22 20th Anniversary - pickups change

    Just found a 20th Anniv CE 22 in nice condition. I was looking all over the internet about this color, but only found 2 sites with a similar one and they called Graphite Metallic. If anybody knows more about this color please let me know. Also not a big fan of Dragon 2...
  16. Mattsiatti

    The 594

    ever since it first came out been dying for one of these Finally found a great deal on a honey 10 top and splurged Downside I'm posted overseas so can't play it till June It's a new form among torture
  17. J

    Problem with PRS 92/3 identity

    Hi guys, I've got problem with PRS identity. I dont know is it real or not. I wanted to buy this one, but first i need to check is it authentic or not. Some pics below.
  18. drdoom8793

    PRS DC3 Questions

    So I recently caught a listing for a DC3. Unfortunately, I was a little too late, but it has me intrigued. It looks like they're definitely out there and not too difficult to find. How many of you guys own/have owned them? Basically, I have a Highway One Strat that sounds nice but just...
  19. drdoom8793

    Non-Locking Tuners on Core Custom 22?

    So I recent acquired my first Core PRS, a 2001 Custom 22. What is interesting about this guitar is the fact that it does not have locking tuners. The tuners do have a PRS logo on the back and look very similar to SE tuners. I contacted PRS Customer Service and they advised that during the...