1. T

    [SOLVED] Any way to tell if my PRS has the new pickups & finish?

    I just purchased a DGT online. I'm super stoked as I've literally wanted one since they were released--it's one of my "holy grail" guitars. The store said this particular specimen does have the CAB finish (which I care about) and TCI pickups (which I don't care so much about; the original DGT...
  2. Oresti

    Tremolo arms

    My new DGT came with a straight tremolo arm. It didn’t feel right to me since the arm was too close to the strings. I ordered another arm from a seller on Reverb and got the more traditional arm with a crook in it. Is the straight arm a DGT thing? I can’t seem to find a pic online of a DGT (or...
  3. Oresti

    Solid colors vs. transparent finish

    Greetings, I have a DGT in platinum metallic coming tomorrow. I’ve always been drawn to the solid colors, especially black, antique white, and the gold tops. My question is: Does anyone know the percentage of core models that are produced in the solid colors?
  4. Utkarsh

    My wife tries to guess the value of my guitars. Featuring my Private Stock Cu24 and DGT

    So folks, for once, we had a free Sunday afternoon so my wife and I quickly put together this fun video. It features 9 guitars including two of my favourite PRSi, my NAMM 2014 show model Private Stock Aqua violet Custom 24 Singlecut thickness, that I picked up in Japan, and my Charcoal...
  5. Big Mike

    Thoughts on how rig and location effects how you like components

    So I did my first gig in a long time over the weekend. I was a sub rhythm player for a buddy's blues band at the local horse racing track. Was actually a lot of fun, but I do have some issues with the sport, that's not the topic though. Round first of the year I got a new to me DGT. 08 goldtop...
  6. vami

    DGT, Santana, 513, McCarty RW - What Next?

    Hello fellow Birds & Moons, I am a rather newbie to fantastic PRS world, coming primarily from Les Paul land. Have recently acquired these aforementioned beauties and want to go for next one, I'm in splits about buying a Custom 24 especially so as I have never played owned or seriously...
  7. Utkarsh

    DGT Opinion needed: sell /trade or swap bridge pickup?

    Hi folks I have a 2018 core DGT in purple. Neck feels great, frets feel great, the neck pickup sounds beautiful and it plays like a dream.But I just can't get along with the bridge pickup as it's too trebly for my taste and doesn't suit palm muting and high gain. I'm not a metal player per se...
  8. Utkarsh

    Video review of my new DGT

    Hi folks, Not really very active on the forum, though I have a bunch of PRSs (one 594, 3 513s, a Custom 22 (that's about to go) and a Custom 24). So after years of thinking about it, I spotted a DGT on sale in Andertons and got it. And I love it, it completely lives up to the hype. So excited...
  9. D

    String too close to edge

    Hi... I have an '09 DGT with the treble E string too close to the edge of the fret board (1/8th, or 0.125"). The bass E string is OK (3/16, or 0.188"). It is the same for the whole length of the fret board. The end dressing of the frets brings brings it too close... it sometimes slips off using...
  10. M

    DGT pickups microphonic?

    Hi everybody, a quick question to those owning a DGT and other PRS guitars: I have a really nice 2016 DGT. I noticed that this guitar starts to squeal (microphonic) much earlier than e.g. my McCarty with 57/08 pickups, my Santana III or my Les Paul with Burstbuckers. I am not talking about...
  11. German Gallardo

    My new DGT Artist Package

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forums but I wanted to share my first entry to the PRS world. It's a special guitar for several reasons. I'll keep it short, life is funny sometimes and I've ended up living in Costa Rica since 2016. I managed to track some stores and I settled with the best in my...
  12. CakeEater

    I took some pics of my slightly irregular DGT today!

    Last year I bought my first PRS. I knew I wanted the DGT after trying one, and I bought this one without ever seeing it IRL. It's a livingston lemondrop finish, but it's a little softer and warmer than most I've seen. The maple top has an irregular pattern compared to the tidy and uniform tops I...
  13. Q

    McCarty or DGT

    Looking to buy my first PRS and trying to decide between a McCarty and a DGT. I am leaning towards the McCarty, but don’t have the opportunity to play either. Would it be overly simplistic to say that a DGT is a McCarty with a tremolo and slightly hotter pickups (and separate volume controls...
  14. King Loudness

    My personal tribute to the best guitars in the world

    Hey, folks. I'm new here! My name is Will, and I'm a 21 year old guitarist from Eastern Canada. I've been playing for a long time, and going through the tone quest has led me through myriad instruments, from all different brands and price points. Several years ago, I kept reading about a guitar...