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Nov 17, 2013
Land of Tone
Hey, folks.

I'm new here! My name is Will, and I'm a 21 year old guitarist from Eastern Canada. I've been playing for a long time, and going through the tone quest has led me through myriad instruments, from all different brands and price points. Several years ago, I kept reading about a guitar PRS made called the DGT. I was enamored of them from day one and pulled the trigger on a used goldtop sight unseen. That was the better part of three years ago and since that point, I've become a PRS convert! In that time, I've tried out several (Cu22s, Cu24s, McCarty, CE24, SE, S2 Cu24, Mira, 408, SC245) in my personal collection and ended up settling on these:


(L-R: '07 SC245, '13 408, '12 DGT, '08 DGT (w 57/08s).

I can't say enough great things about how well these guitars make me play, and how well-crafted they are. Paul and the team's commitment to making "magic" guitars is a real thing and these late-model PRS guitars are proof of that. Their commitment to making great "tweaks" to their guitars to improve them is really something special. The gold DGT in particular is a guitar that has seen me through everything and never once let me down in terms of tone, feel, or happiness.

Thanks, Paul, and thanks to the wonderful craftspeople at the PRS factory.

Very nice Will, I bet you get a great variety of tones there! Love the pair of goldtops. Welcome!
Welcome Will, and thanks for sharing. That's a fine-looking stable you have there...and quite a versatile one at that, too. Love me a good old Cherry Sunburst, and that DGT one looks sweet!
Nice way to make an entrance Will! Outstanding collection with the 408 being my personal fav. Welcome to the "club".
Nice family! Welcome to the forum. I'd warn you of the slippery slope, but it looks like you've already found it!
Welcome aboard! That's a fine looking collection you have there - can't say a bad thing about a gold top DGT!

Even better, now that we have Will here, that means the rest of us will finally have a way!
Man, when I was 21, I had a Les Paul and a couple Strats. You got off to a much better start! (but then again that was 1985 and I hadn't even heard of PRS yet)

Congrats and welcome!
Haha, thanks to all for the replies. I've been a long-time lurker but never gotten around to making a post. Yes, it's definitely a slippery slope! I'm just fortunate that I like to horse-trade, which has made it easy to acquire these guitars at fair prices and to keep and enjoy them. I would love to get a HBII to round things out, but we ALL know that couldn't be the last one...