What was the cause of your passion for the guitar?


Zombie five, DFZ
Apr 26, 2012
Too close to the casinos in CT.........
What was the cause for your passion for the guitar, what made you HAVE to get one and play it?

my dad tried to teach me guitar when I was around four or five but I wanted no part of flamenco lessons, I wanted to play like the Beatles so I stopped shortly after.

But then when I was around nineteen I heard Eruption and the rest of the first Van Halen debut and that was all she took!

What was your WOW moment when you had to play?
Hearing the outro solo on Comfortaby Numb when I was sixteen. I made it my mission to learn guitar and learn that solo. Achieved the latter but realised the former was a lifelong commitment! :)
It happened one night in church. Really.

What was the cause for your passion for the guitar, what made you HAVE to get one and play it?
What was your WOW moment when you had to play?
Some time in the mid-80s I was at a church's night service and the guitarist played two funk chords for every song. The SAME two chords. No one else seemed able to tell. I was about to complain to someone that he couldn't play when I heard a voice say, "He's playing for me." Suddenly, everything he played sounded fantastic, even though he hadn't changed anything. Later that evening I knew I'd eventually be playing in church and that's what I do.
I just loved the racket an electric guitar makes!

VH1 and 2112 made me want to play guitar. Back in Black made me believe I could play the guitar. It all went downhill from there...!
So long ago I almost can't remember. It might have been Hank B Marvin, I would have been about 5, in 1971.

How I got into electric guitar and music seriously? Probably Paul Weller in 1977.
Smashing Pumpkins made me want to play guitar. There were other bands I love/loved, but something about their music, the songs made me want to actually pick an instrument up. Before me, my brother did try to pick up guitar to get girls, but when he realized he didn't have any trouble without one it sat in his closet, haha
It's funny, I can't think of a single thing that made me want play. My 1st guitar & amp cost me $13.75...from a kid down the street. Was more opportunity than anything else. Not sure what happened to it. Later, I actually wanted a bass at first, but my buddy bought it:) so I bought a guitar. Lol

Slash was the 1st guitar player I really grabbed onto and connected to. Some of his most simple, melodic solos really moved me. There were plenty of other players/bands that I liked prior to GnR. Everything from Hendrix to early Metallica. But Appetite had this attitude and swagger and Slash made me wanna learn how to play. But I had my 2nd guitar by the time I came to that realization.
I was about five when a neighbor let me try his acoustic and that moment never left. It was a while before I actually got a guitar but that was the defining moment.
Johnny Cash was the spark for me. I wish I could say I remember the first time I heard him, or who turned me on to him, but I don't - his music has just always been there for me in my memory.