I Finally Did It! Suggestions Needed.

One of our local blues legends gigs regularly on an SE Singlecut, and an amp built by Em7. The Singlecut is great because it’s thin. My second suggestion would be an SE 245. Both are shockingly good guitars when set up with a new nut. You can’t go wrong with the Spark.
I Am Picking Up What You Are Laying Down My Friend! Thank You For The Feedback!! :)
I've already chimed in about the Spark Mini amp. Just wanted to say how much FUN this old guy is having tonight with it.

Just kicking back tonight, cool evening breeze flowing through the house, got my Spark Mini, headphones on and jamming along with some of the blues tracks within the app. Whats really cool is how you can speed up or slow down the tracks provided. That is of a huge help. All I can further say is I wish I would have bought this little amp much sooner than I did.

In my very humble opinion, for my needs this is the best tool for learning and improving on guitar. It's opened doors for me.
A Bit Of A Back Story To Set The Tone (Pun Intended).

. For An Amp I Was Thinking The Spark Due To What It Offers In Learning Capabilities.
I think that is a great idea. The functionality and portability is a big deal for me. He might not use all the jamming features for a while, but he can experiment with the different tones that are available and learn as he goes. I should mention though, that they are really loud. At least mine is
Well shoot! I just read the thread title and thought someone needed some sex advice. Guess I can't be of help here after all. :(

Oh well, there's always next time. I just want you guys to know I"m here if you need me.