Tremonti SE


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Jun 25, 2012
Dublin, Ireland
I got a Tremonti SE about seven or eight years ago as a gift so I never played it before purchase. It's the white one with cream binding (I always thought this was a really strange colour combination, were they all that way?) and it has the LP control layout of 2Vol + 2Tone + 3-way toggle on the bass side of the neck pickup.

From day one I thought this guitar sounded like crap... The neck is great, it feels great, it's a joy to play but the sound is utterly underwhelming.

I eventually swapped out the pickups for a Seymour Duncan Dimebucker and a '59 at the neck. While there was a little improvement it wasn't really anything to write home about.

The problem is the tone just seems super weak, I have two Santana SE and a USA Custom 22 and they're fantastic but the Tremonti has always been weak, weedy and pretty lifeless which I just can't get my head around.

Has anyone else experienced this with these models?

I've gotten to the point where I'm planning some drastic action. I'm pulling the bridge and the bushings out and I'm going to put in a Tonepros Tun-o-matic bridge or maybe the new USA two piece bridge and tailpiece. I'm going to put on a Bigsby too if I go with the Tonepros. I'm hoping the extra mass on the body should help out with sustain and resonance.

I'm going to replace all the pots with some good quality replacements and likewise with the toggle.

I'm replacing the pickups with a set of GFS Mean 90s for now and if they're not doing it for me I'll spring for a set of Mullinax P90s.

I'm more or less at my wits end with this guitar though, has anyone else found this with a Tremonti or did I just get a crap PRS? My other SE is easily comparable with my Custom 22 in terms of tone and playability so I know how good SE guitars are and I've played plenty more that were fantastic. My Tremonti just sounds like the body is made from cornflakes and yoghurt though...

I had a Tremonti SE and aside from the name on the headstock I thought it was a cool guitar, in fact it was the reason I stopped judging SE's in a harsh manner. Not all guitars are keepers and maybe you got a less than fantastic one, mine also reminded me more of an SG than say an LP.