The 2013 Winter NAMM Thread


Zombie Zero, DFZ
Aug 1, 1985
I usually post 300-400 photos from each Winter NAMM show (in Anaheim, California) and have done so over the last 3 or 4 years. But I'm not there this year.

So... those of us stuck at home are counting on all of you at NAMM to post your photos and videos here! And as often as you can.

In return we will envy you, "ooooh" and "ahhhh", and generally wish we were you for the entire weekend.


The PRS NAMM Booth from the 2012 show.

As a long time fan of the brand and Paul in general, EXTREMELY excited to see this announcement about the PRS core bass finally happening. When Gary said that it was coming soon at ExPRS this year I wasnt sure how soon that was. My pocketbook however will be anxious to see the pricing for the various spec levels...might have to start selling off gear. Hopefully we can get some play testing videos on the PRS youtube or from some attendees.
I went to High School with Kid's younger brother, who is a pretty good harp player himself. I spent the better part of the 90's watching Lynwood and Kid playing together. Glad you posted this, I'm going to try and make it--perhaps I'll see you there. Now back to the NAMM thread.
Wow....I wonder how old the first NAMM Dean girls are now...have to be pushing