Talk me Into a SE DGT

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Aug 9, 2023
I purchased my first PRS guitar in August. A 2019 SE Standard in tobacco burst. I like the guitar a lot. Since I purchased it I made some changes. I added new pickups and John Mann locking tuners and saddles. The guitar sounds and plays great. I'm very happy with it. While searching PRS guitars I came across the SE DGT David Grissom Signature model. I watched a ton of videos on this model and I was interested in it. I like the McCarty tobacco finish. It's similar to my finish but it has the flame top compared to my plain top. I like the two volume and one tone push/pull knob. The toggle switch is also a plus. I'm not a fan of the blade switch. I also like the neck profile. My question is should I keep my SE Standard or go for a SE DGT. Here is a photo of my SE.

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It sounds like there are features on the DGT that you prefer to your current guitar. If possible, I’d try playing a DGT to make sure you prefer it to your current guitar before you sell it. Better yet, I’d try to keep the current guitar and buy a DGT since you’re happy with your current guitar and have made significant upgrades to it. I understand that’s not always possible though. I regret selling some of my guitars in the past.

I’m new to PRS guitars and recently got SE and core DGTs. I think they’re fantastic! I like how the DGT has a separate volume control for each pickup and the ability to get single coil sounds via the pull pot. I also like the large frets on the DGT.

My son has a custom 24 that I bought for him used as a Christmas present around 10 years ago. I remember thinking that was one of best guitars I’ve ever played. I haven’t played his guitar side by side with my DGTs but hope to do so next time he comes to visit me.
Once you say you prefer the feel and controls on a different guitar, and ask if you should sell the one you have and get the one you prefer, you've already answered your own question.

So, obviously yes.

However, if you're gonna get another SE model, I'd suggest having both. They're different enough to justify that, and given the SE price point, not unreasonably costly.

I recently got a Core DGT, and if the SE version is anywhere near it in tone and quality (reviewers claim it's pretty darn close), it's a helluva bargain.
I'd keep yours.. you like it, sounds and plays great. The seDGTs I've played have been a good guitar, nice tones. I've wanted a core DGT for a while, but when one has popped up for what I'm willing to spend it hasn't been the right time. So there's that to sway me. I personally prefer the good top seDGT. The back seals it for me, and I haven't been all that impressed with the tops in real life. I've seen some pretty ones online though.

If you go the seDGT route, I'd keep both. Different enough to justify in my mind. If you decide otherwise you can always move one or both for a used core :)

Also, some smokin deals pop up for used s2, heck even some solid sales or offers for new. Especially standards.
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At one point this past summer, I owned both the SE DGT & the Core model. I ended up selling the SE only b/c I found a purple 2001 Singlecut and the funds from selling the SE went towards that purchase. If you search under my screen name, you will find my review of the SE DGT, along with pictures of the guitar after I upgraded the parts.

Keep the SE standard, and if all you can afford is the SE DGT and not the Core model, then buy the SE and don't stress the Core model.
If you buy the SE DGT spend about another $150 and buy, Core pickup rings, Core truss rod cover, Core amber lampshade knobs, SE locking tuners & faux bone tuner buttons to accommodate the tuners. Also get some new electronics, this alone will really make the guitar shine!