Some of my gear and playing videos


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Jan 21, 2024
Does anyone here do gear reviews or pedalboard videos on YouTube?

I got some up.

As I am a new member here, you (YES, YOU!) can get to know me better by giving me a chance and skimming through a couple of my videos. I apologize beforehand, as people on the Telecaster forum claim, I'm not too good at playing the guitars I own...

Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Green Magic "Greenie" pickups in a Esp LTD EC1000

Gibson USA Burstbuckers in a 1959 Epiphone Les Paul

Me playing some Edgar Winters "Free Ride" on my early 2000's MIM Player Deluxe Stratocaster

My biggest pedalboard:

My biggest BIG pedalboard:

My biggest BIG BIG pedalboard:

^Notice how the each picture gets zoomed in more lol As you can tell, I am a fan of Universal Audio amp stuff. But I do have a decent amp in home. My main actual amp is the Marshall JTM Studio and I'm getting a backup amp soon. Just unsure what to get exactly. I'm ok the fence between a few options.

Anyway, if you have a YouTube channel, please post some of your playing or gear videos here. I would love to check out your content to your hearts content! Or tell me about yourself, or tell me how bad I sound... it's really up to you!

Thank you.