I had Graphtech (piezo) saddles on a core Custom 24 that are similar to the non piezo you posted. Can't say I heard any difference in sound or tuning stability / string brakeage...
I had done it only for the piezo.
I had them on a 2003 CE 24 that I bought. I hated them, and couldn't get them off fast enough. Go with John Mann if you have to change them? Is something not working?
+1 if your making a change go Mann Made, I would get the whole bridge block and all it will make the most difference
Hi! I would like to replace saddles on my PRS SE Custom 24. I'm looking to a GraphTech product: PS-8220-00
Is it a good choice?


their description is very accurate, you feel like the top end is gone, because it is. I've tried twice on two different guitars,
and it just seems to change the tonal characteristics too much, they did sustain a little bit better on the typical Korean made guitars. but I removed them, within about two weeks. I tried to give them a chance, but they didn't make the cut.
so I would not recommend them. but each player could decide for themselves.
It will change your tone. I use the graphite’s as I found it to resonate in larger frequencies than stock. Obviously tone is important, but it’s a much complicated blend of balance with inputs such as musical inclination, style you play, picking, and one nano second of how much longer you can leave your fingers in the string. For me, my PRS is a ten top with a Korina body with an unusual CE type bolt on 1 piece maple neck. Further, mounted with 2 super distortions thus configured a high-resonating high-output with raw body to neck transcendation. To the same respect the saddles and nut are changed to graphite.

the reason is for enhanced output to maximize tone creation via pedals. Absurd? Nevertheless that’s my style. So wouldn’t necessary dis out graphtek, it goes down what your needs are and how creative you are wiling to go.
I have GraphTech saddles on my Teles and a GraphTec adjustable bridge on my SE Soapbar II. I have no complaints.
I didn't like them either.

I wanted to improve my guitar at the least cost coz I don't have much. I tried to avoid Mann because it is indeed expensive. So, I took a look at some saddles on eBay, then tried a whole bridge off Ebay. They all didn't work out. I checked out the Babicz and Wudtone too. They are both excellent bridges but I was worried they looked different on a PRS. I finally gave in and took a leap of faith and ordered a PRS/Mann vibrato tremolo bridge. I couldn't afford it (public school teacher pay) but took advantage of PayPal's interest free installment. When I finally received it, it's beauty just made my heart skip a beat! Build quality is amazing! It sounded a lot better than the import bridge too! It's well worth every dollar I paid for it (well... loaned for it)!

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Why change saddles? For SE it’s more important to add locking turners if it doesn’t have them already. My humble opinion.