1. B

    Angelus SE A50 replacement battery issue

    Hi everyone, I just got a PRS Angelus SE A50 acoustic electric and am really pleased with it but when I went to put in a new battery the first one I tried wouldn’t fit (it was a rechargeable) and then I tried a normal energizer which was so tight it wouldn’t fit all the way and got stuck...
  2. I

    Is there a direct clone of the 85/15 pickup on the market?

    I'm looking to try a replacement set in my Custom 24 SE. Like many, I've never been a big fan of the stock pickups, they're kinda dull. I'd like to try something which is as close to the core 85/15 pickup as possible, so I can see if I like the sound of it. If I do, then one day I'll buy a real...
  3. G

    Replacing 5909 bridge pickup

    Hi there: So I got a 2012 custom 24 couple weeks ago and I’m really loving it. My only issue is that I find its 5909 bridge pickup a bit too bright for my taste. Does anyone have any recommendations on pickups with similar output level but slightly warmer/less harsh on the treble side? I’ve...
  4. H

    PRS SE Custom 24 - Pinging noise is driving me crazy

    So when I bought my SE Custom 24 last year I probably should have done more research about the guitar, was definitely attracted by the looks (IMO PRS has some of the sexiest guitars out there) but really it plays like a gem. I love the feel of it, but one issue that's plagued me for a long time...
  5. C

    Need to replace the bridge on a PRS SE Singlecut

    Hey guys! I have a question related to my PRS SE Singlecut. I want to replace the stock bridge, because i have a sitar-ish sound that i can't get rid off with any adjustments and i understand that this is a common issue on these models, because of the bridge that tends to lean a bit forward over...
  6. C

    Replacement pickguard for first generation Mira

    Hi! First post here, hope it's the right forum. I have an all black first generation Mira from '07 that I want to replace the pickguard on. I know that white pearloid exists, but I can't find other replacement guards than plain white. Has anyone encountered replacement guards in other colours...
  7. GavQuinn

    Starla Tuner Replacement

    Hi Guys, One of the nice Brass posted Klusons on my Starla has let go. It’s starting to grind. Some of the others are starting to feel loose too. It’s 10 years old now, used a lot. What’s more is that the bigsby has always made the guitar body heavy, like a Les Paul. Heavier tuners would...
  8. krugerj

    I'm in a pickle... left-handed PRS Tremolo Arm (USA)

    Hey guys, I am new to the PRS world, I just got my first PRS this week (a 1999 PRS Custom 22) which is left-handed (first year of production lefty). The only issue is, the guitar shipped to me without a tremolo arm. I've done extensive research online, and I can safely say that I have been...
  9. T

    Need new volume pot in my S2...

    For a while now, when I twist the volume knob on my guitar, its causes this unpleasant crackling... Kind of like brushing a newspaper against your ear... I've taken it to the shop and they've always told me to apply some Deoxit. Its worked a few times but I'm pretty sure it's an electronic issue...
  10. T

    S2 custom 24 replacement pickups?

    Thinking about replacing the pickups in my S2 custom 24... looking for better sustain, more clarity... thinking of putting in the 85/15 pickups. What do you recommend? I play blues, rock, worship, funk, gospel. Looking for a strong sound. Thanks!
  11. T

    S2 pickups vs 85/15 pickups ?

    Would it make a huge difference to put 85/15 pickups in my S2 Custom 24? Any other recommendations for replacement pickups for this guitar?
  12. T

    Lollar pickups in an S2?

    Hello, I'm thinking about replacing the pickups in my S2 Custom 24. I was recently introduced to a strat with lollar pickups and I loved the sound, so I'm wondering how they would sound in my S2. Any recommendations for S2 replacement pickups? I play alternative, gospel, blues, rock... Thanks!
  13. GavQuinn

    Starla Bridge Replacement

    Hi Guys, I want to replace the tune-o-matic bridge on my Starla, it’s become faulty and needs to be replaced. Seeing as the Starla came with a Grover tune-o-matic bridge, I want to see if I can replace this with an upgrade. Has anyone replaced the grover tune-o-matic bridge? Thanks,
  14. GavQuinn

    Starla replacement bridge humbucker?

    hi guys, a question if anyone has any experience here.. I want to replace the Starla bridge humbucker. It’s got a great pick attack, it’s bright and kinda like a Tele. However, I find it’s too compressed and doesn’t have any punch. I find it’s too even for me. I don’t want a hot humbucker, it’s...
  15. AxlGianne

    Replace Saddles

    Hi! I would like to replace saddles on my PRS SE Custom 24. I'm looking to a GraphTech product: PS-8220-00 Is it a good choice? Thanks
  16. J

    Starla Replacement Nut

    Hi all, I've got a 2007 Starla that I absolutely love - last night, some drunk guy knocked over my guitar stand, taking my baby with it and damaging the nut (thankfully it was only that). I'm trying to find a replacement, but I can't seem to find any specific info about the exact nut that I'd...
  17. Jathon Delsy

    Replace pickups in PRS SE FR with Seymour Duncan SH-6 Set

    Hello, I've got a PRS SE Custom 24 FR, which is a great guitar, love the feel and playability of it, great value for money too, but I'm wondering if the stock pickups are a little cheap sounding? Especially the lower notes with a lot of overdrive create unpleasant clashing overtones without the...