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  1. Going Modal

    Talk me out of this one. (Yeah I know, right?)

    Scenario: SE Custom Semi-Hollow from about ~15 years ago. (The one with the "cat's eye" f-hole. Are you with me here?) Swap in some aftermarket PAF-style pickups and maybe upgrade to a Core nut. Could be a pretty sweet little sub-$800 player..? Anything else you'd recommend taking into...
  2. D

    Help with wiring in a 2021 se custom 24

    Hi all, I have a 2021 SE Custom 24, I tried adding a new pickup with I believe is faulty. I have tried just putting the stock pickups back but I'm having little success and the wiring diagrams aren't much help. Noobie mistake not taking a picture before starting. I was wondering if anyone had...
  3. D

    PRS SE 30th Anniversary Fretboard

    Hey, does anyone know if it was African ebony they used or Macassar? thanks, I just saw one and it looks really nice.
  4. D

    SE Tuning Instability

    Hey everyone, I've got two SE's. An SE Custom 24, and an SE Mark Holcomb. I find that with both, the tuning is so unstable, playing a few notes can throw it out. Only slightly at first, but a bend will generally mess it up a fair bit. With the Custom, I installed locking tuners, but still get...
  5. O

    3-way toggle switch cap

    Does anyone know if the 3-Way Toggle Switch Caps in the store would fit the SE Tremonti Custom? It says it is not compatible, but the store doesn't have any that say they will fit an SE. If not, does anyone know which ones would? It comes with a cream colored one, but I'd like to switch it to...
  6. AxlGianne

    Replace Stock Pickup

    Hi everyone! I would like to replace stock bridge pickups on my PRS SE CUSTOM 24 (2016). I would like to have more sustain, more mids and just a little more output. I think that stock pu is good for studying but in live and in recording studio it seems to me....mmm... dull. No body, little...
  7. AxlGianne

    Replace Saddles

    Hi! I would like to replace saddles on my PRS SE Custom 24. I'm looking to a GraphTech product: PS-8220-00 Is it a good choice? Thanks
  8. AxlGianne

    Upgrade nut on PRS SE Custom 24

    Hi everyone! I have a PRS SE Custom 24 2016 model, and I have tuning problems especially when I use trem, I read that's the problem of cheap plastic nut and tuners so I decided to upgrade in first tuners with Schaller M6 locking tuners and they are great, really. ❤ Problems however remain...
  9. B

    Prs SE help

    Hey guys first post. So i just bought a brand new se custom 24, and it arrived 2 days ago. The thing is gorgeous, but some things are concerning me. The set up is atrocious, but on top of that the tone knob is scratchy, and the coil tap makes strange pops when you press it in. Also, when I play...
  10. J

    PRS SE Custom springs question

    Hello, I recently purchased a used PRS SE Custom. Interestingly enough, there are places for five springs in the back of the guitar but there were only four installed; the remaining one was in the gig bag. Do these come with only four installed and another one in the bag or do you think...
  11. J

    String guages for 30th Anniversary PRS SE Custom

    Hello, I'm new here and this is my first post, so be gentle. I purchased a used PRS SE Custom and it came with no info on the size of strings that are on the guitar. Can anyone let me know the string guage size for this model? Thanks in advance for the replies.
  12. Bran_Flakes

    Decisions, decisions....

    First off, hello! Name's Brandon (username from nickname in highschool). New to the forums, but I must say I've been reading different threads for quite some time to get more familiar with PRS guitars. Hopefully will be fairly active in the future. Anyways, I've ran into a dilemma and feel like...
  13. C

    Prs se custom HELP

    I just bought a used prs se custom(tremolo I think). The old man had no idea. It is a 2009. And the chrome on the bridge is messed up. Do they sell replacement knobs and bridges for these things!? If so at a decent price? Help is much appreciated.