PRS Says, "We Want A (Your Name Goes Here) Signature Model" - Spec It!


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Apr 26, 2012
OK, everyone, you get a call from PRS Artist Relations; they're pleased to tell you that you've been chosen as their newest Artist Signature Model Endorser, and would like you to spec out a guitar that will be the (insert your name here) Signature Model. You'll be asked to perform at Experience, do some artist appearances, do a show at NAMM, pose with the guitar for some publicity shots and do a few video demos.

After you pick yourself up off the floor, you ask them, "Anything I want? What are the limitations?"

Here are the rules PRS gives you:

1. Must Be A Regular Production Model; It can be USA or SE, or both. Not A PS or Limited Run.

2. Must Street For About the Same or Less Than Paul's Guitar.

3. Artist Package Option Will Be Available for USA models. Spalted veneer available for SEs.

4. They will tweak an existing production pickup to your preference, but designing a new pickup isn't in the budget.

The rest is entirely up to you. Spec it out!

I'll post mine in a bit. Have fun! :)
Fun! I'll play!

OG style singlecut with locking tuners and adjustable bridge.
25 inch scale
DGT (jumbo) frets
Santana fretboard radius (11.5)
black hardware (bridge, pickup rings etc)
Korina back, maple top, rock maple neck and ebony board
pearl white with black binding; handwritten PRS sig on headstock in black
Shawn's new jacked up "prototype" pickups!
Stock Artist 3 semi hollow/trem but with nitro finish. Done! :dancing:

Have to change one more thing! A 57/08 in the bridge, and a Dragon 2 in the neck.
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Super easy for me!!

"MA Pete" DC 245 Ted McCarty. A double Signature LOL, like a Slash Les Paul. (Ignores rule #1, but that is justified because the DC 245 Ted *SHOULD BE* a production model!!) ;)

Pattern Neck Carve
Mahogany Neck
Mahogany Body
PRS Stoptail
Santana Headstock Shape
Rosewood Board
Rosewood Headstock Veneer
Phase III Tuners with Ivoroid Knobs
DGT Frets
Old MOP Birds
Ivoroid Binding on neck - all three sides of Board though! (None on Headstock)
Big 408 Bridge Pickup
5909 Uncovered Squabbin Neck Pickup (Interesting pickup combination - built for best tone, 408 bridge and 5909 neck...)
Sig Switching with 3 Way Toggle
Nitro Finish

Obeche Body!
Hybrid Hardware
Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard

Artist Package:
Upgrades Binding to Maple and Adds Thin Purfling to Headstock Veneer
Upgrades to Old Paua Birds with MOP Outlines
Artist Top in Flame or One Piece Quilt
Black Paisley Case

That would ROCK!!!

MAP $3800 for Base Model, $4800 for AP (Because Maple Binding ain't cheap!)
I'll play. Since Pete's covered most the bases I'd normally want for a double cut, I'd do something similar to my PS Singlecut spec:


Korina Body
PRS Trem
Korina Neck
Wide/Fat Neck Carve (no pattern up in here)
Ivoroid Bound Honduran Rosewood Board
Phase III Tuners
DGT Frets
Old MOP Birds
408 Bridge Pickup (Full Sized)
408 Neck Pickup (Narrow but overwound like Brent Mason Treble)
2 Vol/ 2 Tone with 3 way toggle (mini switches for coil taps)
Gloss Nitro Finish on body, Satin Nitro Finish on back of neck

PRS Adjustable Stoptail
Floyd Rose & Locking Nut

Gold (Dark Cherry Back)
Fire Red
Santana Yellow
Smoked Cherry Burst
Sapphire Smoked Burst (Vintage Natural Back)
Charcoal Burst (Vintage Natural Back)
Solana Burst
McCarty Smoked Burst
Silver Burst

Artist Package:
Artist Top in Flame or Quilt
Artist Birds
Hybrid or Gold Hardware
Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard
Flamed Maple neck
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I'll go with an SE to start.

Bernie marsden neck profile (Slightly oversized wide fat).

SE C24 body shape but slightly deeper.

Mahog body

Maple cap

Rosewood fretboard w/bird inlays

Bound body and neck

Covered SE245 pups

2 Vol, one tone, coil tap via push pull tone

3 way toggle or blade

Large frets

Adjustable stoptail or SE Trem options

Tusq nut or US nut as standard.
Hmm... I love this game. Let's see...

Mira body shape but with SC245 body thickness
24.5" scale
W/F carve with short neck heel
Mahogany body and neck
Quilt top and headstock veneer
Ebony board
Jumbo frets
Adjustable stoptail
2 vol, 1 tone, blade switch (maybe like the P22 layout)
covered 59/09's, or an SE version with covered SE 245's black gold wrap. The End.
I'll go with an SE to start.

Bernie marsden neck profile (Slightly oversized wide fat).

SE C24 body shape but slightly deeper.

Mahog body

Maple cap

Rosewood fretboard w/bird inlays

Bound body and neck

Covered SE245 pups

2 Vol, one tone, coil tap via push pull tone

3 way toggle or blade

Large frets

Adjustable stoptail or SE Trem options

Tusq nut or US nut as standard.

^^^^ I would play that!
The "JFB" - My take on a Custom 22. Minimal changes. There's bound to be some red inlay material that keeps this within budget. Regarding Charcoal Cherry Burst I consider it fair game due to a Sprayer's Choice and PTC refinish with this color.


Top Wood Carved Figured Maple
Back Wood Mahogany

Number of Frets 22
Scale Length 25"
Neck Wood Mahogany
Fretboard Wood Ebony
Neck Shape Wide Fat
Fretboard Inlays J-Birds, Red Outline, No Center

Bridge PRS Stoptail or PRS Tremolo
Tuners PRS Phase III Locking Tuners
Truss Rod Cover "JFB"
Hardware Type Nickel
Treble Pickup 57/08 Treble
Bass Pickup 57/08 Bass
Pickup Switching Volume and Push/Push Coil Tap Tone Control with 3-Way Toggle

Top Option Flame or Quilted Maple
10-Top Flame or 10-Top Quilted Maple
Hardware Option Mixed, Brushed Nickel Pickup Covers

Red Tiger, Scarlett Red, Charcoal Cherry Burst
Forgot to add...

Colour choices for the Mikegarveyblues SE Signature Guitar (2014) are:

Eriza Verde
Black (With Cream or white binding)
White with black binding
Faded Blue Jean
Blue Crab Blue

There will also be a limited run of Paul Smith Vs Paul Smith finishes.

This exclusive 100 piece run of MGB SE Sig guitars will feature an exclusive design by British fashion designer Sir Paul Smith. (I know... You said no limited runs but this is just on the finish...)

I'll see you all at Winter NAMM 2014!!!

(Hey... It's a dream thread so i'm allowed to dream right?!)
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They already make it, as the new sc245 or the old sc58 is perfect for me. But if I were to come up with something new...

Signature Model #1
Singlecut body and electronics
Push/pull pot for splits, push/pull pot as a killswitch
2 piece bridge
Extra Wide-fat neck
Compound radius
24.75 scale
DGT pickups
Jumbo stainless frets, with rounded ends
High gloss nitro
Satin neck
Mother of pearl j-birds, paua center

Signature #2
Double-cut Body, McCarty thickness.
Dgt electronics if dragon pickups
Sig electronics if 408s
Push pull pots for killswitch
Extra wide-fat neck
Compound radius
String through body, with the saddle section from the 2 piece bridge
25" scale
Direct mounted Dragon I pickups or 408 pickups
Jumbo stainless with rounded ends
High gloss nitro
Satin neck
No fretboard inlays

Heaviest woods available! I want these things to be boat anchors :D
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Possibly deviating from the rules a little:

SC HB with mahogany back and sides
25.25" scale (from the 513)
Rosewood neck
408 pickups with Sig Limited control layout
One eagle in the 12th fret
Custom 24

I want to keep the cost down for my fans.

All Mahogany Body, Neck, Ebony fretboard.
Only the bird at the 12 fret for the inlay.
Zebra uncovered 53-10's
Nickel hardware
McCarty Tobacco Burst
Whatever proceeds I am suppose to make from the guitar goes to the Childrens Hospital

Included in the case is a small tin (size of altoids mints) with a taped seal. The tin reads " Charlie's MOJO-use liberally " Inside is a note that says "look deep into your heart and spirit to touch someone else's soul"
US One (Maryland version of the SE One)

Mahogany body and Rock Maple neck.. 10% overwound Starla pickup in the bridge position and a slanted lipstick in the neck position. Mexican Blackwood fretboard. "Lefty" bird inlay. 25" scale. Santana neck carve. Santana headstock. 12" radius on the fretboard. New stoptail with brass contact points.

Forearm area sanded down so there is no sharp edge.

Black body. Black headstock. Natural matte finish on the maple neck. Gold hardware. Silhouette hard shell case.
Modern Eagle 1
RP or 57/08 bridge pickup & Lollar P90 Soapbar neck pickup

I could write a lot of cool stuff on a guitar like that.
Very interesting thread.

I'll go with:

USA Tremonti II body
24.5" scale
24 fret Pattern regular neck
Ebony fingerboard with the new birds
DGT frets
Dragon I pups with brushed nickel covers
Phase III tuners
Gotoh Floyd Rose with Graph Tech piezo saddles
Locking nut
2 volume, 1 master tone, 1 piezo volume
Push/pull coil splits for each pup on their respective volume pots
Goldtop finish
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It already exists, and it's got someone else's name on it! I'm referring to the Brent Mason model. The only electronic change I'd make would be a push-pull on the tone control to allow neck and bridge pickups together. If I could make cosmetic changes, maybe a figured black-limba (korina) body--otherwise, just the way it comes! Oh--maybe a swamp-ash body in whitewash--that would be cool!
All I want is a Singlecut Trem with the specs of a DGT. Keepy everything else the same - neck shape, pickups, controls, frets, etc.
Custom 24 with Braz board. Dragon Is just like this.. Go figure!!!!!