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Jan 21, 2024
First time PRS owner here, I hail from Michigan!

I wanted to ask you guys for your opinion on something that's bothered me for a bit....

Around Christmas (on Reverb) I recently purchased a Santana SE online from a rather reputable store (in fact it's known as one of the more positively reputable guitar shops in America. It's called CandyMan Strings & Things all the way in New Mexico. They've even been on the national news lately for things like opening music schools, etc.

Anyway, The item was on sale for $200 dollars but listed as new. This was a universal sale price, as you can imagine (Christmas/New year sale thing going on.

When the box arrived, the box itself was extremely damaged due to shipping. It was one box and none of the original packaging. When I contacted the store through Reverb, I had the pleasure of talking with the owner (Rand Cook). He seemed like a nice guy, I sent him photos of the box. he apologized for USPS poorly handling the box. I waited for a few days for the guitar to acclimate *just in case* even though the box had literally holes in it. I wanted to do everything in case to be extra safe.

Fast forward a few days and I open the box, Rand, the store owner, was still messaging to see how it was. I let him know that the guitar seemed undamaged but the first fret was completely dead. I noticed some other minor things such as light scratches on the back of the body like some wear and tear and nothing deep and I asked him if the guitar was a floor model because it would make more sense to me. He said "No, the guitar was brand new. I did, however have a tech do a setup so it was ready for you" . It didn't sit well with me....

Then I noticed a few other things which I will post photos of. And this is mainly what I wanted your opinion on. Is this normal? It looks like epoxy filler or sonething of the sort. I posted a small video of it you can see here...

Nothing in the video jumps out at me. If you got that for $200 it’s a massive steal.
I meant $200 off, sorry. It was around only $600. Not bad at all, I just wanted to know if it was normal. I had been wanting a Santana SE for ages but they never seem to be in stock at where I usually order from (Sweetwater). So I took the gamble and ordered from somewhere I knew could ship fast :)

I have heard that PRS quality control is slipping so this may be an indication of that or maybe the employees didn't want to tell the owner about something that happened and he was innocently oblivious. I don't know, I was trying to find out. Maybe PRS have put some other SE models like this out in the factory. Maybe it was from a temperature issue within the poly finish, maybe it was rushed.

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