Scored A Short Film About My Brother's Kresge Artist Fellowship. Here 'Tis!


Too Many Notes
Apr 26, 2012
Last night the Detroit Institute of Arts had a premiere for the short documentary films made about the artists who won Kresge Artist Fellowships. All of the artists got to work with a director to do these films, Kresge Fellowships are a pretty exclusive club, and my brother received one of the Fellowships!

After the film was shot, I was asked to score it. It will also be aired on PBS on May 6, 2024.

The premiere was also part of the Detroit Free Press' Freep Film Festival, which is held at several well known venues in Detroit, including the DIA, the Historical Museum, the Detroit Science Center, etc.

Tonight it's being shown (in fact now) on regional PBS.

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Lovely short. I was wondering while watching if there would be any segment with narration only. After finishing it I noticed how well the soundtrack tied it together and gave it a greater unity.

Congrats on another well done piece!