PRS Hollow Body ii with wenge neck and ebony fret board

Keith Hammer

New Member
Sep 16, 2017
I am looking at making a one and done purchase of a private stock PRS hollow body ii guitar with a wenge neck and ebony fret board. What are your thoughts on this combination?
Wow, that sounds like a very interesting wood combo! I'd certainly like to give it a spin! I love ebony boards, and never played wenge.
My basses and one of my "metal" guitars have wenge necks (with bubinga stripes) with ebony boards. They are lovely to hold.

The neck isn't "smooth" it has a nice grip but isn't sticky like a lacquered neck can be.
Similar to a rosewood in feel but with more grain. Quite textured.
I rented a bass with a Wenge neck and Ebony board for sessions in Europe a while back. It sounded very good, though as XiXora says, the wood felt rougher than I was used to.

However, PRS might make the wood smooth. You might want to talk with the Private Stock team about what you're looking for, they're very helpful, and had some great suggestions for me.
The only PRS I've seen with a Wenge neck was the October 2016 PS of the Month. You could probably get one in the PS department on the model of your choice. I made a bass once with a Wenge and bubinga neck and it sounds amazing.
Again I've only used/come across Wenge necks on metal guitars (Mayones's/Ibanez etc) as a combination wood (often paired with Bubinga). I really like it, very punchy and I like the feel - I much prefer more 'natural' finished necks.

I'm sure it'd sound great, but have only played these wood combos in a metal context and not a hollowbody context. But I'm sure your PRS guy will give you good steer with your prospected build!