Power Supply for UA Dream 65


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Aug 9, 2023
I'm putting together a pedal board for apartment use.

My basic pedals are a UA Dream 65, UA Evermore and UA 1176 compressor. I bought a Vodoo Labs 2 plus power supply and it refuses to work with the Dream 65! No sound from the Dream 65 am just a low level hum.

The PS works fine with other pedals, but the Voodoo just does not like the Dream65.

SO: Any recommendations for a PS that works with a UA Dream 65?


Cioks Makes The Adjustable Voltage One That Works Great. I Have A Few Of Those And Also The Stymon Is Excellent As Well. The Cioks Is Black And They Make A White One As Well. The Strymon Is Blue If That Matters. Those Are The Best I Have Found And Have The Best Results With Personally.
1Spot Truetone works great. Economical and
optional multi unit power cord is inexpensive. Sweetwater has them.
1Spot Truetone works great. Economical and
optional multi unit power cord is inexpensive. Sweetwater has them.

Thanks, but Sweetwater won't ship to Canada-I'm in Vancouver.

Hopefully It Works For You. A Good Power Supply Is Crucial...Along With Good Cables.

Amen to that, I was using daisy chain power and the more and different types of pedals I got, the more "dirty power" I got.
Cioks DC7 is the best guitar PSU out there; it is the only thing I've used since they came out. The only thing that changed is now, I have one in limited edition colour. Dream 65 requires 9v/400mA. DC7 has 650mA @ 9VDC. DC7 will power anything with enough current, even for most power-hungry pedals. I am powering an H90 with a single out with no noise issues or start-up problems. Monster PSU, yet compact
Sweetwater’s web listings often include valuable product information as well as suggesting alternatives. I find it more in depth than other online sources. I check SW to learn about products and the market, then shop around.
So they don’t ship to Canada but they export knowledge.
I don't know if this helps or adds to the confusion.

I've used Voodoo Labs power supplies for many years. When the Strymon power supplies came out, I figured I'd try the bigger one. Suddenly my Lehle switch pedals started making popping noises, so I emailed Lehle. They said to go back to the Voodoo Labs and the problem will be solved. I did, and it was. Lehle claimed the VL power supplies were the best on the market.


When I got a highly spec'd Pettyjohm Chime pedal with their discrete op amp and some other options, I found it would power on only intermittently. Pettyjohn said the VL supplies don't have enough juice to run all my pedals at the higher voltages possible, despite the spec, and to get Cioks.

They gave me a workaround with the VL power supply (reduce the current draw on pedals that could take either 18 or 9 volts), and everything's fine now, but clearly different power supplies can have similar specs but operate differently.

I don't use the Lehle switchers at present, since I have a rack mount amp and cabinet switcher, and may try the Cioks at some point so I can run the pedals that can take 18v again - they have more headroom that way. But since it's all working now, I figure there's no rush.
While building a new pedalboard, I had to lookup the current draw and voltage limits for all my pedals. Startup current when a pedal is first energized can be more than running current and is dependent on pedal design. Most manufacturers don’t list startup current requirements separate from running current. Using a supply with insufficient current can prevent proper pedal operation, even when using the stated current supply. Applying voltage above the pedal specified limit can damage the pedal requiring repair so be cautious.

Here is a web page that specifies supply requirements: https://stinkfoot.se/power-list

You will see that most pedals operate at less than 100 milli-amperes, and the UA pedals require 400 mA each.

I used the Gig Rig power supply system for my newest board as it is isolated and scaleable and options exist for higher voltages and currents.