An audio reveal


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Jan 21, 2024
Hello, Steve here,

The demos of this modified SE are now live!!! Thanks to everyone for your patience. I know I said I'd do it a fee weeks ago but couldn't get around to it. This is a Santana SE that's been a bit modified, the biggest thing is the super limited Seymour Duncan pickups (I believe only 120 sets were made). They are the Framton Comes Alive set. I imagine they are a modified variation of sorts from the Seymour Duncan Antiquities, maybe. Strings are Ernie Ball 11's, power slinky set if I remember correctly.

These demos are by no means spectacular but just meant to give you a basic idea. This is an exciting new PRS beast!

Santana meets Frampton in this epic crossover of a guitar!

Demo 1 (has transparent overdrive + delay)

Demo 2 (has transparent overdrive only)

Sounds much much different from any LP or Santana, that's for sure! Let me know what you think :)

(Additional Info:

Amp used in these videos was a Marshall JTM Studio All Tube Combo - stock w/Creamback 65 1x12 speaker on the 5 watt "low wattage" mode. Amp was completely clean with everything at noon.

Pedals used for the transparent Overdrive was the Timmy, Delay pedal used is the Joshua ambient delay.

Amp was very loud, even for low wattage mode, so the pedal level was turned down so that the amp was louder than that of the sound of me hitting my strings but not loud enough to hurt my ears too much. There's a slight choking compression due to that pedal trying to level the amp so you may notice that)